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Dr. Mario Garcia is CEO/Founder of Garcia Media. He is also the Senior Adviser for News Design/Adjunct Professor at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York. Mario has been a consultant to over 700 media companies in 121 countries. He founded Poynter's Visual Journalism program and serves in the Institute's Foundation board.

Poynter: A new site for a new era

Poynter is a resource for journalists around the world. Many of them — publishers, editors, reporters and designers — visit the site for an update on the latest media news. Some are college and university journalism professors and their students, and some are simply readers interested in the workings of our profession. For all of them, today is a significant … Read More

Highlights and lowlights of journalism innovation in 2015

It’s almost a wrap for 2015, and what a year it was for the media. Here are my notables, plus my two disappointments. Much has happened to advance storytelling. One of the most important, in my view, is that we don’t hear the phrase “digital first” as often as we did in 2014.  It is more about “the story first” … Read More

Why 3 Canadian newspapers gave up on the tablet edition

Post Media Tablet art (courtesy of Garcia Media)Those wonderfully produced tablet editions of the Postmedia group in Canada have ceased to exist. Yet, other tablet editions in Canada appear to thrive. What gives? The Postmedia tablet editions are now history. They went from the infant to the toddler stage to the end in a relatively short period. They were … Read More

The Washington Post’s new website: print-inspired hierarchy

Without a doubt, perhaps one of the most appealing features of a printed newspaper page is how it can show hierarchy for the content it displays. When an editor and designer work together on establishing the priorities for content, then it is up to how typography, sizing of elements and positioning come together to indicate to the reader which is … Read More

The rise of the mobile editor

As the number of mobile readers climbs over 50 percent for many newspapers, it is logical that we would infuse mobile thinking throughout the newsroom. Read More

Time to start thinking of smartwatch mini-editions of your newspaper

“What’s your fascination with this Apple Watch, Mario?,” a long time colleague asked me when I ran into him at the WAN IFRA World Media Congress recently. “It’s your new toy, isn’t it?” I admit that my Apple Watch and I have been inseparable since I got it five weeks ago. You could call it a toy, if you wish, … Read More

Quartz and storytelling lessons beyond editorial

This article has been republished, with permission, from To see more articles like this, check out their blog. A  recent visit to the Quartz newsroom in New York City proves the point: here is a shop where a story first philosophy pays great dividends---and for advertising, too. First, a disclaimer: We are true fans of everything that … Read More

Italics Effeminate? Hardly!

Even editors who confess to being 'visually illiterate' (which is rarely the case!) have at least five minutes of conversation and opinion on the subject of italics. That suggests that a bit of slant to the right is more controversial than any other weight or style for a typeface. At one point, perhaps in the 1950s, italics were mostly … Read More