Julie Moos and Steve Myers


How Times-Picayune, Alabama newspaper changes played on their front pages

If anything is front-page news, it’s that your newspaper is going to stop printing every day. Here’s how the four Advance Publications newspapers (and one outsider) told their readers Friday morning about the changes. Press-Register Editor Mike Marshall tells Andrew Beaujon that he was trying to recast a negative storyline with his “exciting changes” headline, but “perhaps I got carried away.” All front pages (some cropped) appear courtesy of the Newseum. || Related: Will New Orleanians follow The Times-Picayune online after it cuts back on print? (Poynter) | Critics ask if Times-Picayune, other Advance papers are ready for their new digital focus (Poynter) | City leaders discuss buying The Times-Picayune, but its owner says it’s not for sale (The New York Times) Read more


LA Times publishes graphic front page photo of US soldiers with Afghan corpses

Los Angeles Times via Jim Roberts

The Los Angeles Times published graphic photos in print and online this morning of U.S. soldiers posing with Afghan corpses.

Eighteen such photos were provided by an anonymous soldier in the 82nd Airborne Division, David Zucchino reports, though only two images were published. Both appear with the story online, and the same two appear in print, Zucchino told me, one of them on today’s front page (see below). The soldier who provided the images served in Afghanistan and “said the photos point to a breakdown in leadership and discipline that he believed compromised the safety of the troops.”

Pentagon officials say the images are over two years old; the paper reports they are from a yearlong deployment of the 4th Brigade Combat Team from Ft. Read more