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Rick Edmonds is Poynter's media business analyst, co-author of 10 State of the News Media reports, former Tampa Bay Times and Philadelphia Inquirer reporter.

The New York Times announces newsroom strategy review as print declines continue

Digital up, print down was nearly a refrain as The New York Times reported fourth quarter and full year financial results today. For instance digital-only subscriptions grew 53,000 year-to-year, roughly 5 percent, in the quarter. However print circulation was down 6.9 percent daily and 4.4 percent Sunday. CEO Mark Thompson said that he expects to add another 50,000 digital … Read More

Want a personalized TV newscast? Watchup claims it has the app for that

The notion of the video equivalent of an RSS feed has been kicking around for years, so I pay attention when a startup makes the case that timing and technology are finally right to bring personalized newscasts to market. That's the pitch of entrepreneur Adriano Farano's Watchup, an early-stage Silicon Valley business with a staff of 10 and users … Read More

Tampa Bay Times signs deal to print The Tampa Tribune

The Tampa Bay Times has agreed to a five-year contract to print its longtime competitor, The Tampa Tribune, the companies announced today. The arrangement is not unprecedented. The Boston Globe prints the Boston Herald; the Chicago Tribune prints the Chicago Sun-Times; and The Dallas Morning News prints the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. As financial pressures have grown in … Read More

Sheldon Adelson tightens his grasp on Las Vegas Review-Journal

Any doubt about who is running the Las Vegas Review-Journal was resolved abruptly Thursday. Owners Sheldon Adelson and his family summarily dismissed publisher Jason Taylor, a rising young star in the GateHouse group, and installed their own pick, former USA TODAY publisher Craig Moon. Moon, in turn, will choose the paper's next editor — a search that Taylor and … Read More

Ricky Mathews is leaving the helm of and the Times-Picayune

Ricky Mathews, who led the planning and execution of the digital-first publishing strategy at four years ago, will be leaving that position later in 2016. Advance Local, NOLA's parent, announced that Mathews will continue as president of the company's Southeast Division and work on picking his successor. The digital moves were paired with eliminating print editions several … Read More

Newspapers aren't dying as fast as you think

Digital media executive Richard Tofel made a splash last week with a brief but alarming post on Medium arguing that newspaper print circulation has fallen surprisingly low. There was no irony intended, Tofel told me in an email exchange, in his headline choice: "The sky is falling on newspapers faster than you think." I gotta say, though, that while … Read More

People don't want to trade privacy for targeted ads

The Pew Research Center has released another in a series of studies of privacy issues with fresh evidence that consumers do not want to sacrifice personal information to get served targeted ads. A separate study from the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Pennsylvania, to be presented at a Federal Trade Commission conference today, finds many consumers resigned … Read More

Non-profit ownership is a match for Philadelphia papers -- but not for everyone

Gerry Lenfest's decision, announced Tuesday, to give the Philadelphia newspapers and their digital operations to a new non-profit institute has been in the works for some time. In transferring ownership, Lenfest also pitched in a $20 million endowment. Will it work for the Inquirer and Daily News? What are the benefits and limitations? Is the model one others will … Read More

The New Republic is for sale — buyer beware!

A former publisher of the New Republic told me once that his charge was not necessarily to turn a profit but to keep the losses to a low roar. For Facebook billionaire Chris Hughes, losses were more like a loud roar — $20 million during the three-and-a-half years of his ownership. Also credit the 32-year-old Hughes with maturity, realizing that … Read More

Digital sales collective, Local Media Consortium, gets straight on its total audience

The Local Media Consortium which sells digital ads for 1,660 local sites, two-thirds of them affiliated with newspapers, has done its first comScore study to verify its reach. The count for November was more than 133 million, the consortium announced earlier this week, which it said makes it the seventh most visited entity comScore tracks.  (The New York Times and … Read More

What's next for the Las Vegas Review-Journal?

To say that things are returning to normal at casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson's Las Vegas Review-Journal would be a huge stretch. I would contend, though, that this week's well-chronicled events at the paper represent first steps down that road — and not necessarily tiny ones. Wednesday afternoon, Glenn Cook, the newspaper's senior editorial writer, was named interim editor. The week … Read More

3 media business trends to watch for in 2016

A wise person (not me) once said that in predictions of media change it is relatively easy to get the direction right but lots harder to forecast timing and magnitude. Take, for example,  my effort in this space a year ago.  I thought 2015 might be the year legacy print media broke through with video that had wide audience … Read More

The best-read digital story of 2015? It's The Atlantic's 'What ISIS Really Wants.'

Metrics now allow a fairly exact measure of which stories attract the most readers and hold them for the longest time. By that standard, there will be one story best in engagement in a given year. For 2015, that was The Atlantic's "What ISIS Really Wants," according to Chartbeat, which earlier this month published a first attempt to crunch … Read More

Will Sheldon Adelson pursue a personal agenda at his Las Vegas paper? He may already have.

Casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson's family was unmasked mid-week as the "secret buyer" of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Given Adelson's support for the Republican party, many have wondered whether he will use the paper to advance his pet political causes or business interests. On Friday, the Review-Journal continued its aggressive coverage of the sale with a story offering … Read More

Lee Enterprises announces new executive lineup

Longtime Lee Enterprises CEO Mary E. Junck is leaving that job to become executive chairman, the company announced Thursday. She will be succeeded by Kevin Mowbray, chief operating officer and a former publisher of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Lee's largest newspaper. Junck, 68, joined Lee in 1999, and became CEO in 2001. She has served as board chairman of The … Read More