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Robin Sloan is a 2002 graduate of Michigan State University, where he majored in economics and minored in Nintendo. He also spent a semester in Bangladesh. After two years of rocking out with Poynter and NewsU, he joined Current, a new cable TV network based in San Francisco.

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The Convergence Continuum

People used to think 'convergence' meant all devices would morph into one: some kind of incredible ur-device that would check e-mail, play video games, store MP3s, and cook waffles. Not likely. Indeed, we've seen a profusion of devices, not a consolidation. But there's still a kind of convergence at work: These devices are lining up on a continuum, with significant … Read More

EPIC 2014

Plus: News containers... podcasting. Read More

Power to the People, Part II

Chaser West knows exactly how much all those services cost. But, to be fair, we cribbed it from Om Malik (who cribbed it from Reuters): According to Wall Street estimates, the average monthly cost of an entry-level voice, video and data package from a Baby Bell is about $115 per month, compared with about $130 for similar packages from … Read More

Flat-Rate Wi-Fi

So in the future, we'll all have three prongs of digital goodness in every outlet. But we'll also have flat-rate wireless access for whenever we don't feel like messing with a power strip! Wi-Fi Networking News reports on some new, lower, flatter prices for wi-fi. Om Malik offers some context. What say the Chasers? Which is the broadband … Read More