Shane Snow

Shane Snow is the cofounder of Contently, an agile publishing platform for brands and marketplace for professional freelance journalists.


As brands start building digital newsrooms, what do they need to succeed?

Thanks to social media, we’re getting used to big companies talking directly to us instead of just advertising next to what we’re reading.

When you’re consuming content in a stream — as we do when using Twitter, Facebook or one … Read more


What journalists need to know about ‘content marketing’

When a major newspaper suspends a vendor for faking bylines and a bestselling author/journalist goes down in flames over fabricated quotes in the same month, the magnifying glass suddenly focuses inward on an industry meant to expose truth.

Add the … Read more

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How to use Urtak, a collaborative polling tool, to increase reader engagement

A week before Thanksgiving, conservative news site posted a story about whether retail stores should be open on the holiday. The post received more than 120,000 responses in less than two days, reaching 140,000 by the end of the … Read more


7 steps for building an effective community management plan

The growth of social media in newsrooms has sparked the need for community managers — people who are responsible for regularly interacting with a site’s audience and executing a community growth strategy.

The challenge with a new profession like community … Read more