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Game changer: AP Stylebook moves faster than Merriam-Webster as linguistic authority

Merriam-Webster | Associated Press | The Atlantic Wire Merriam-Webster has officially sanctioned a bunch of words by adding them to the dictionary, hereby removing most of the fun of saying things like "F-bomb" and "sexting." Merriam-Webster paints this as a way of keeping up with the changing nature of language, but of course we all know that it's a direct challenge to the AP Stylebook, which every cardiganed copy editor knows is the true arbiter of a journalist's vocabulary. The inclusion of these words raises an interesting question: Which is more in tune with the English language: Merriam-Webster, which traces its origins to the early 1800s, or the AP's Stylebook, which only two years ago sanctioned "website"? (Related question: If AP Stylebook and Merriam-Webster are enjoying a drink at a bar and Urban Dictionary walks in, do they even give him a polite nod?) Herewith, a list of some newly-added words, with the closest corresponding guidance from the AP. Much of this guidance comes from the AP's Ask the Editor, the Stylebook's hip, Williamsburg-dwelling, younger sibling. aha moment: The AP agrees on the spelling: "Deferring to Webster's aha, interjection to express surprise, triumph, satisfaction, etc." Read More