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Anthony Shadid

New York Times’ Anthony Shadid dies of apparent asthma attack in Syria

The New York Times
The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist was on assignment in eastern Syria, without the government’s knowledge, when he apparently died of an asthma attack. Times photojournalist Tyler Hicks, who along with Shadid was kidnapped during the Libyan revolution last year, carried his body into Turkey. The Times reports:

The exact circumstances of Mr. Shadid’s death and his precise location inside Syria when it happened were not immediately clear.

But Mr. Hicks said that Mr. Shadid, who had asthma and had carried medication with him, began to show symptoms early Thursday, and the symptoms escalated into what became a fatal attack. Mr. Hicks telephoned his editors at The Times, and a few hours later he was able to take Mr. Shadid’s body into Turkey.

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New York Times’ buyouts, contract negotiations show newsroom shift to Web

Thursday’s offer of 20 voluntary buyouts for New York Times staff shows the continuing evolution of the newsroom — cuts to the print operation while trying to nurture online growth.

The Times’ digital staffers were excluded from the buyout offer because “that’s the way the industry is going, and they don’t want to lose people on that end of the business,” said Bill O’Meara, president of the Newspaper Guild of New York, which represents Times staff under separate contracts for print and digital employees.

In the memo announcing the buyouts, editors cited the “continuing and difficult challenge to The Times: how to rebalance our business for the digital age while remaining steadfast to the quality journalism that defines us?”

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