Sarah Wachter



Google News Founder: To invent the future, news industry must hire ‘restless agents of change’

Media companies of the future must operate using a different business model that addresses the endless waves of disruptive new technology and staggering competition, said Krishna Bharat, creator of Google News and now Principal Scientist at Google, heading up the company’s new R&D Center in Bangalore, India. Bharat was speaking to a gathering of around 300 news professionals and hackers underneath the six-foot crystal chandeliers in the sumptuous Salle de Fete inside Paris City Hall.

“The news business has gone from monopoly to attention deficit,” Bharat said. As a result, media companies must become change machines. To get there, they must hire “restless agents of change” and assemble them in teams made up of journalists, technology and design professionals who are part of the same conversation, every day. Read more