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Made a career out of covering politicians when people cared to read about that. Moved on to editing, managing and cavorting in newsrooms, often while dressed in costume.

The Real Jerry Ford

What seemed like a failed interview now shows this reporter who the former president really was. Read More

Your Editor, Your Lifeline

Poynter President Jim Naughton explores the relationship between correspondents abroad and newsrooms back home. Read More

In Case of Emergency, Break Class

At Poynter, we know our first obligation is to you, the teachers and students who come to participate in our seminars. With that in mind, we've devised these protocols in case a national emergency disrupts your life en route to, or during, a Poynter seminar: If the boss no longer can spare you, we'll adapt to your … Read More

Opening Remarks to Journalism & Business Values Participants

Welcome to The Poynter Institute for Media Studies. We don't always say those last three words: For Media Studies. Most people know us as Poynter or, in an oddity I've never understood, THE Poynter. Some know us by our marketing slogan: Poynter, A School for Journalists. I'm focusing on these differences because it's important … Read More

Ending Confusion

We were taken aback by a letter on impressive bond paper from a law firm in New York (with offices in Washington, Los Angeles, Miami and, of course, Paris) alerting us to the risk that Jim Romenesko’s MediaNews could be confused with MediaNews Group, Inc., publisher of The Denver Post, the Los Angeles Daily News and other newspapers. The gist … Read More

Why Fun Matters

This is part of a series of essays under the general title, "Why It Matters." Poynter faculty members will write these essays with new journalists in mind, but we think their advice will inspire journalists of all ages and levels of experience. After all, craft has little meaning without a sense of purpose, without a sense of why it matters. Read More

An Unfortunate Precedent

When the Persian Gulf War began a decade ago, journalists reminded one another of their ethical obligation not to disclose national security information. At the newspaper where I worked, we had sober discussions about exercising prudence. It came, then, as a shock on the eve of the U.S. and allied ground campaign when our Washington bureau filed a story, … Read More

A Day for Reporting and for Reflection

The reporting should begin carefully finding answers to the questions on the minds of everyone: Who did this? If Osama bin Laden was to blame, who is he? Tell me more about Afghanistan, where he and his group are based. What happened when the Russians tried to exert influence over or control Afghanistan? Do the Russians have insights into whatâs … Read More


There are no news cycles, only Right Now. Read More

Why the Editor Is Always Right

Synposis by JOHN GITTELSOHN James Naughton opened his presentation with a Johnny Carson/Karnak imitation, donning a turban and divining answers to questions inside an envelope about topics like Al Gore and the Florida vote count. I can't rememeber any of the jokes, but the point -- which Naughton has made throughout his career as a reporter for … Read More
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