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What does "The Death of Expertise" mean for fact-checkers?

For populists on both sides of the Atlantic, "expert" is now an expletive, a synonym for out-of-touch elitists swindling the common man. This was perhaps most obvious during the Brexit referendum campaign, when the UK Justice Secretary and "Leave" advocate Michael Gove told a stunned interviewer that "the people of this country have had enough of experts ... from organizations with acronyms saying that … Read More
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Google expands application of "Fact Check" tag

Google is expanding its "Fact Check" tag to Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. The tag will also now appear in the news mode of the search box.


Months after losing funding, ABC Fact Check is back

Last year, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation had come under criticism for shutting down its Fact Check unit after the government halted funding. Before the shutdown, ABC Fact Check was one of the most notable TV fact-checking efforts worldwide. On Tuesday, ABC News announced the operation would relaunch, thanks to a new partnership with RMIT University. Read More

Getting automated fact-checking from science fiction to reality

A government leader opens his mouth, and listeners instantly know how much of the speech is provable. Science fiction? For the moment, but hopefully not forever. The state of technology and the maturity of fact-checking organizations today make it possible to take the first steps toward that goal. Chequeado, where I work as director of editorial innovation, started working … Read More

PolitiFact raised $105,000 in 20 days through its newly launched membership program

The Committee to Protect Journalists saw a spike in donations after Meryl Streep's Golden Globe hat-tip; The New York Times and Vanity Fair, both objects of unflattering presidential tweets, have seen subscriptions surge. Now PolitiFact, the fact-checking outfit of the Poynter-owned Tampa Bay Times, seems set to benefit from a Trump bump. Between donations and pledges, PolitiFact … Read More

Can fact-checkers teach future world leaders to lie less?

"96 million really wanting a job and they can’t get (it). You know that story. The real number — that’s the real number." Donald Trump cited this highly misleading statistic in his first press conference after the election. It was a claim with scant evidence, but he said it anyway. But what if someone could stop a world … Read More

When is a false claim a lie? Here's what fact-checkers think.

Readers have had enough of the media not calling things by their names. Take Don Miller, of Littleton, Colorado, for example: Do you remain asea in 'political correctness,' or are you just being kind when you make reference to 'whoppers' and 'falsehoods?' A lie is a lie is a lie is a lie, intended to sway and/or influence the recipient, … Read More

Don't ridicule 'alternative facts.' Fact-check them

2016 is back with a vengeance. Last year, throughout the presidential campaign, journalists wondered how and whether to fact-check political figures live on air. Kellyanne Conway's Sunday morning appearance on "Meet the Press" is a clear indication that those questions are as pressing now as they were then. The counselor to President Trump sparred with host Chuck Todd over the … Read More

Did fake news help elect Trump? Not likely, according to new research

"Fake news" stories favoring Donald Trump far exceeded those favoring Hillary Clinton but did not have a significant impact on the presidential election, concludes a new survey of social and other media consumption. The study, which also downplays the political impact of social media in general, is co-authored by economists Matthew Gentzkow of Stanford University and Hunt Allcott of New … Read More

Facing legal threat, German fact-checking project goes offline

Much like U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, the German right-wing populist party has a rocky relationship with the media. The party, ‘Alternative for Germany’ (AfD), recently decided to bar a range of individual journalists as well as the entire German public broadcasting sector from a congress of European right-wing populist parties. Its functionaries and supporters regularly dismiss the news media … Read More

What will happen to fact-checking in 2017? Here are 7 guesses

Fact-checkers had a big year in 2016; will 2017 prove as eventful? Below are seven predictions of what the year ahead holds in store for fact-checking. As with the 2016 predictions, I promise to return to these when the year is over and evaluate how they fared. (You can check out last year's annotated predictions here). 1. Fact-checkers … Read More

Regulation, the Inquisition, and popular tribunals: Italy's fake news debate just got real

Italy's fake news debate has been so bitter that its U.S. equivalent feels like a schoolyard tiff by comparison. Sure, those upset with Donald Trump's victory have accused Facebook of tilting the election by enabling an unmitigated spread of misinformation, while the president-elect and his team repurposed the fake news epithet to attack mainstream media. The extent to which the phenomenon … Read More

The fact-checking tools David Fahrenthold used on Trump’s charity claims

In a surprise announcement on Christmas Eve, President-elect Donald Trump declared that he planned to shut down his private foundation. After touting the foundation's contributions, Trump declared that, in order "to avoid even the appearance of any conflict with my role as President I have decided to continue to pursue my strong interest in philanthropy in other ways." The … Read More

366 links to understand fact-checking in 2016

2016 was fact-checking's finest year [1]. No it wasn't, it was the year of "post-truth" [2] — some preferred "post-fact" [3] — and fact-checking is a fool's errand. The discussion about facts in journalism worldwide has rarely been as fractured and animated as it has been in 2016, so we collected 366 links, one for each day … Read More

Despite fact-checking, zombie myths about climate change persist

As journalists grapple with the rise of fake news, it’s worth examining what happens when policymakers embrace misinformation instead of evidence when it comes to climate change. In September, YourNewsWire breathlessly told its readers that thousands of scientists had declared climate change “a hoax.” This was big news — at least on Facebook — where the YourNewsWire post was … Read More