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Can the worldwide boom in digital fact-checking make the leap to TV?

The global growth in fact-checking has been driven by a boom in digital initiatives. Of the 45 fact-checkers surveyed ahead of the Third Global Fact-Checking Summit in Buenos Aires next week, only three publish their content primarily on television. Yet even in the age of Snapchat and Facebook live, television matters. Generally speaking, television audiences are larger … Read More

Annotation might be the future of fact-checking

Climate Feedback, a scientist-led effort to "peer review" the world’s climate journalism, is closing in on its $30,000 crowdfunding target. A successful conclusion to the campaign would bolster one of the most prominent efforts yet to conduct fact-checking via web annotation. Annotation allows critics to add line-by-line comments to webpages in a corrective "layer" that doesn’t change the … Read More
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Are we 'post-fact' already?

Fact-checking efforts have increased around the world, but there's also an increase of information and continued bias toward your own leanings. "This has always been the case, but social media now multiplies the phenomenon: In a world where people get most of their information from friends, fact-checking doesn’t reach those who need it most."


The Washington Post, PolitiFact and are using this widget to make facts more shareable

The presidential campaign in the United States has led to oodles of commentary about the importance and effects of fact-checking political figures. Angie Holan, the editor of PolitiFact, encapsulated the zeitgeist aptly in the headline of her recent article "Fact-checking 2016: This is gonna be messy." (PolitiFact is a project of the Tampa Bay Times, which is … Read More

Readers trust fact-checkers more than traditional media but not blindly, new study finds

Fact-checking is a useful referee for public debate and complements traditional media, but its consumers are not without their reservations, according to focus groups I conducted with readers of Argentinian fact-checking website Chequeado. The analysis, funded by grants from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Embassy of the United States in Argentina, consisted of focus groups with six men … Read More

Did Clinton or Trump twist the facts? This messaging bot will tell you

Univision's Spanish-language fact-checking project, "Detector de Mentiras" launched in March, the same day the network hosted the Democratic debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Since then, the data team that runs Detector de Mentiras has been working with Univision's innovation team to find ways to expand the reach of their fact checks. This fits into a wider trend … Read More

How to correct a lying politician on air

During an impassioned appeal on "Reliable Sources" today, CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter called on journalists to provide "forceful rebuttals" to conspiracy theories espoused by Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. The country's top fact-checkers have been doing so for months. crowned Trump last year 'King of Whoppers,' an uncharacteristically strong choice of words for a … Read More

PesaCheck, a new fact-checking website in Kenya, aims to follow the money

You can't fact-check everything. The sheer volume of inaccurate claims in the public domain has led some fact-checking and debunking organizations around the world to concentrate on specific topics, such as health or climate change. PesaCheck, a newly launched initiative in Kenya, will be fact-checking the budget ("pesa" is Swahili for money). A project of the International Budget … Read More

Australia's ABC Fact Check fighting for survival

Reduced funding at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation is likely to cause the termination of its Fact Check unit, several sources reported Monday. Michelle Guthrie, the incoming managing director at ABC, has to address a budget shortfall in its news division on her first week on the job. The Liberal government of Malcolm Turnbull is opting not to … Read More

Can fact-checkers break into Facebook's echo chambers?

Facebook poses two key challenges for the transmission of factual information. The first and most obvious is the lack of editorial oversight and the seamless distribution of what is popular regardless of whether it is accurate. This has meant fakes can reach millions of eyeballs, while the wording of Facebook posts can make months-old articles resurface as current … Read More

Want to be a fact-checker? Apply for funding to attend 'Global Fact 3'

No, this isn't the casting call for the worst quiz show in history — although fact-checkers would probably fare quite decently on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire." On June 9 and 10, the International Fact-Checking Network at Poynter and the Duke Reporters' Lab will be hosting the Third Global Fact-Checking Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (For coverage of last … Read More

5 ways fact-checkers can address reader concerns about bias

The death of facts may be exaggerated, but you might forgive fact-checkers for mourning. Fact-checking started as an attempt to practice journalism the way readers say they want it: by comparing politicians’ claims against reality, rather than against each other. Combine rigorous reporting and analysis with deep research, the theory went, and readers will reward you with their … Read More

A new website in Northern Ireland hopes fact-checking will be a tool for reconciliation

BELFAST, Northern Ireland — The metal gate on Lanark Way is approximately 13 feet high and 33 feet wide. It can be slammed shut electronically when tensions boil over, as they did last summer. It is but one of many physical barriers that separate contiguous Catholic- and Protestant-populated neighborhoods in the western part of the city: … Read More