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If folds, social media will lose an important gatekeeper

First Look Media has decided to discontinue funding of, a social media reporting and verification outfit. This has led the organization to announce it will suspend operations on Aug. 31. Besides's editor Andy Carvin, four more staffers are affected by this decision and will be leaving First Look Media at the end of the month. Launched in … Read More

6 fact checks you should read on Clinton's DNC speech

Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech on the final night of the Democratic National Convention was "the best speech of her life" and "true to her." Or, if you're Donald Trump, it was delivered in a "very average scream." But how did fact-checkers rate it? Here are six fact checks from on last night's speech. 1. On Trump's speech: … Read More

The 2016 international fact-checking fellows will study automation and fact-checking on TV

The 2016 recipients of the Poynter international fact-checking fellowship are Cristina Tardáguila, director of Brazilian fact-checking agency Lupa and Pablo Martín Fernández, director of editorial innovation of the Argentinian fact-checking website Chequeado. The fellowships were organized by Poynter's International Fact-Checking Network and launched this year with support from the Shuttleworth Foundation. They cover the fellows' costs as … Read More

6 fact checks you should read on Trump's RNC acceptance speech

Donald Trump's candidacy has been invoked by many as exhibit No. 1 that we have now entered a "post-fact" era (but have we really?). This hasn't stopped fact-checkers from scrutinizing his acceptance speech Thursday night at the RNC. Here are six fact checks you can't miss: 1. On crime Trump said that "decades of progress made in … Read More

No, we're not in a 'post-fact' era

Paul Krugman called it "The Post-Truth Campaign." Farhad Manjoo said we lived in a "post-fact society." Author David Sirota welcomed us to the "post-factual era." If you are following media coverage of the U.S. presidential campaign or the aftermath of the Brexit referendum, you can’t have missed headlines like these. This is apparently the year when facts, … Read More

A new widget delivers fact-checking where readers want it

Most fact-checking websites have forms that allow readers to submit claims they would like to get checked (see, for example, here and here). Istinomer, a Serbian fact-checking website, has gone one step further by launching a Google Chrome extension that allows users to highlight fishy claims they see anywhere online and submit them without leaving the pages … Read More

Addicted to live news, why do we keep falling for old stories?

Among debunkers, it has become a sad certainty. In the immediate aftermath of large-scale tragedies like the one suffered by the French city of Nice on Thursday night, false news will spread on social media like wildfire. Popular social media reports are then often picked up by traditional media outlets. While some of these stories are flat out fabricated, … Read More

As Nice horror unfolds, French authorities urge social media users to avoid sharing rumors

A truck drove into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice late on Thursday night. Even as several outlets reported more than 70 victims, the number had yet to be officially confirmed at the time of publication. With this attack, the latest in a tragic series to have shaken France in recent years, government authorities urged social media users to avoid … Read More

Meet the man behind those bullshit Pokémon Go stories

Since Pokémon Go launched earlier this month, the nostalgia-filled iPhone game has generated its fair share of eye-catching headlines. As children, teens, and, let's face it, adults, bumble around with their eyes glued to their iPhones, some mayhem has ensued: Four teens used the game to rob multiple unsuspecting victims, the game unwittingly led a woman to discover … Read More

The fact is, fact-checking can be better

This post was originally published on the American Press Institute's website. In our newsletter, “The Week in Fact-Checking,” we like to highlight the best fact checks we’ve seen around the world that week. Frankly, we’d like to honor more of this work. But the bar is high. By its nature, fact-checking is held to a greater standard. There’s … Read More

Want to guard against mistakes? Watch your technology and workflow

To think that making an error is something we alone cause or control is to ignore the larger systems and factors at play. Our brains play an undeniable role in the mistakes we make. It's true we can be tired, rushed or sloppy. But there are other elements at work, too. Here are some other factors that cause errors and … Read More
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BuzzFeed launches hoax-busting beat

"'BuzzFeed Canada editor and First Draft Coalition member Craig Silverman will be leading the charge from Toronto, 'bringing his deep expertise at debunking hoaxes to our reporting arsenal.'"


Lack of access to information is driving Latin America's fact-checking boom

There are currently more than a dozen fact-checking initiatives in Latin America, from Argentina's Chequeado to Colombia's Colombiacheck. These fact-checking efforts were born in different economic, social and cultural contexts. They all share a common denominator, however: They operate in countries where, to varying degrees, there is a lack of access to public and reliable data. In Latin … Read More

What do fact-checkers around the world have in common?

This article originally appeared on PolitiFact. It is reposted here with the author's permission. From Canada to Colombia, from Spain to South Africa, fact-checking is now spreading around the globe. In June, international fact-checkers gathered in Buenos Aires to compare notes on how we investigate claims, weigh evidence and publish our findings. Those of us who gathered at the … Read More

Lessons from fact-checking the Brexit debate

London-based fact-checking site Full Fact has had its work cut out in the past couple of months: The intense campaign building up to Thursday's referendum on the United Kingdom's membership of the EU referendum has been littered with questionable facts. With a recent survey showing knowledge of basic facts on the EU still imperfect, fact-checking seems as necessary … Read More