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Tablet storytelling is visual, tappable, deep

Three years after Apple and others put digital tablets firmly into the hands of consumers, what do we really know about the way the devices are used for news?

Hundreds of people filed in to a large ballroom at South … Read more


Thursday, Jan. 10, 2013

New York Times’ ‘Seinfeld-esque’ sports page shows the power of nothing

Kapow! Blam! Surprise! Sometimes, that’s what nothing can do.

The New York Times sports staff reminded us of that again with their cover “story” about this year’s Baseball Hall of Fame inductees — or lack, thereof.


This sports front
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Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2012

Using illustrated reportage to cover human trafficking in Nepal’s brick kilns

I am writing this from Kathmandu, Nepal, where I’m currently reporting on human trafficking using graphic journalism. I chose Nepal because visuals have huge potential here to reach at-risk communities with low literacy levels. Using comics to adapt survivor testimonies … Read more


Monday, Dec. 10, 2012


Why do we blame the (visual) messenger for tragedies?

With the click of a shutter, in a dimly illuminated New York City subway tunnel, on the evening of December 3, it happened again.

Actually, it was more like several clicks of the shutter, and the “it” was another tragic … Read more


Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012

What journalists need to know about storytelling on tablets

Poynter’s most recent Eyetrack study reveals some interesting findings about how readers consume news on tablet devices. During a live chat, Poynter’s Sara Quinn and Northwestern University’s Jeremy Gilbert talked about the findings and their implications for journalists.

Here are … Read more

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Monday, Nov. 12, 2012

This photo, taken by reporter Amy Scherzer for the Tampa Bay Times, shows (left to right) Jill Kelley's twin sister, Gen. David Petraeus, Scott Kelley, Jill Kelley, and Holly Petraeus.

How NY Daily News, Tampa Bay Times got those cover shots of Jill Kelley, David Petraeus

As journalists reported on Gen. David Petraeus’ resignation from the CIA, photos spread over the weekend of the women involved.

Petraeus resigned after the FBI learned he had an affair with biographer Paula Broadwell. The affair came to … Read more


Wednesday, Nov. 07, 2012

Why photo of the First Couple was Obama’s most retweeted ever

Images and graphics are often the things shared most by people after an event of last night’s magnitude.

Photos capture moments frozen in time.

Graphics can distill the complex.

Interactive graphics can allow people to peruse and discover at their … Read more


Friday, Oct. 19, 2012

Highlights from Poynter’s Eyetrack Tablet Conference

Mario Garcia began Poynter’s Eyetrack Tablet Conference at the Medill School of Journalism – streaming live – with an optimistic vision of the future of the news “quartet.” The four dominant vehicles for storytelling – mobile, print, tablet and online … Read more


Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2012


New Poynter Eyetrack research reveals how people read news on tablets

It’s all about touch.

People were either intimately involved with the iPad screen while reading during our recent eyetracking study — keeping nearly constant contact while touching, tapping, pinching and swiping to adjust their view — or they carefully arranged … Read more


Monday, Sep. 24, 2012

How wireframing can help journalists plan & communicate ideas

Among the technology-based skills worth journalists’ consideration, wireframing merits a closer look.

Wireframes are rudimentary visual depictions of ideas. They can be created with specialized software or nothing more than a pen and the back of a napkin. Web pages, … Read more

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