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  • Social Scoreboard: Week of November 17

    This week, six of the top 10 shows were live events. Most impressive is ‘WWE Survivor Series’ taking fourth place as the event was only available via pay-per-view. With 71,000 unique authors (and many more watching) tweeting about the wrestling event, that’s a lot of money in WWE’s pockets. But the 2014 American Music Awards [...]
  • The Art of the Crowdfunded Comedy

    You’d expect a four-time Emmy-award-winning producer to put out his latest offering on TV, but when Bill Schultz and co-creator Jim Manos, Jr. pitched their animated dramedy Jimmy Stones to the networks, they weren’t pleased with the response. There was interest, but the duo would have been required to change the format of the show to match the style of [...]
  • In Canada, newspapers’ attempts to experiment with ebooks haven’t seen much success

    Ebooks have failed to live up to their promise as a new revenue stream for newspapers. That’s the lesson from experiments at at least three dailies across Canada. The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, the National Post, and the Edmonton Journal each experimented with a different ebook strategy, with varying degrees of success. In...
  • This is your chance to win free tickets to Mashable’s Media Summit

    What does the future of storytelling look like to you? Make a prediction for what you expect in the next year, five years or more, and you could win a free ticket to Mashable’s Media Summit, which takes place on Dec. 5 at the Hudson Theatre in New York City. This year’s Media Summit focuses [...]
  • Latin Grammy Awards Sees Double-Digit Audience Growth, Social TV Success

    The 15th annual Latin Grammy Awards took place Thursday night, and despite going up against mid-season finales on major networks, it manages to beat out CBS, NBC, and Fox among adults 18-34. The awards outdelivered the entire original lineup on NBC and Fox. The awards also came in second place on Nielsen’s Twitter TV Ratings [...]
  • Vonvo is Making Waves Among Non-Profits. Media Companies Are Next

    Long gone are the days of the Jerry Lewis telethon. Now, non-profits and charities rely on a mix of direct response, social media, and word of mouth to raise money. They also have Vonvo. The video conversation (hence “vonvo”) platform gives them the ability to not only stream live video and host discussions, but also [...]
  • How a virus demanding a bitcoin ransom almost destroyed a public radio station’s archives

    It was the first Saturday in November when Patrick Neelin, the lead engineer at the University of Missouri’s public radio station KBIA, got an emergency call from the station’s programming director. “He said, ‘Patrick, I’m trying to open some of our files up on our shared storage and every file comes up with a warning...
  • #TheCatch Unites Rivals On Twitter, For a Minute

    Last night Odell Beckham Jr. did something incredible: he brought Giants and Cowboys fans together. While  #NYGvsDallas was filled with a little trash-talk, #TheCatch was good enough to make everyone just shut up and love football: I’m a big @dallascowboys fan but the catch made by @OBJ_3 last night against my boys was a thing [...]
  • 10 successful magazines you've probably never heard of

    You've heard of Esquire, Marie Claire and Vogue, magazines with thousands of readers and subscribers. But you may not know that there are smaller publications out there that are also sustaining themselves. SEE ALSO: Magazine industry bares all to prove it isn't dead yet Here are some publications that have probably flown under your radar. [...]
  • Are you stuck in a political bubble? This site aims to help

    While many online publishers live and die by page views and uniques, John McIntyre says he has no idea how many people are visiting his RealClear network of sites each month. For co-founder McIntyre, a better metric is "core traffic growth," the people who are going to the sites every day. Another focus is "time [...]