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Economist launches a daily edition for your phone

The Economist | The Guardian

The Economist launched a new product on Thursday, The Economist Espresso, that’s a daily weekday mobile edition of the magazine. The Economist, which is a weekly, announced the new product on Thursday.

“It distills what’s important from the news, giving you a concentrated shot of global analysis that can be consumed quickly as part of your morning routine.” Here’s the full video:

Mark Sweney wrote about Espresso for The Guardian on Thursday, noting in the subhead that it “will be 171-year-old weekly magazine’s first daily edition.” It’s free to digital subscriber and $3.99 a month otherwise, he reported.

Chris Stibbs, chief executive of the Economist, said the new product opens up a market of potentially 200 million online readers.

“There is a huge market out there we couldn’t get to in print that we can potentially reach now,” he said.

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How to do Twitter research on a shoestring

Twitter’s increasingly influential role in journalism has prompted an accompanying upsurge in academic research, particularly around the ways in which journalists and media organizations have integrated Twitter into their norms and practices.

With 500 million tweets a day, Twitter offers researchers a potentially deep and rich stream of social media data. However, unlike historical newspaper content, which is readily available via library microfiches or databases like Lexis Nexis, much of the historical data on Twitter (what’s called the Twitter firehose) is walled off in costly private archives.

Information may want to be free, but accessing and analyzing that information can be costly.

The Library of Congress signed a deal with Twitter in 2010 to build an on-site research archive but that system has still not been finalized. A progress update is expected this summer, but the archive, which now houses more than 170 billion tweets, poses major logistical challenges for the Library and the firehose reseller Gnip, which is delivering the data for Twitter. Read more

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