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The Intercept's Juan Thompson fired for fabrication

Juan Thompson, who until November was a reporter for The Intercept, has been fired from the national security site after editors unspooled "a pattern of deception" that revealed he fabricated quotes and misled colleagues in order to cover his tracks, Editor-in-Chief Betsy Reed said in a note to readers. An investigation into Thompson’s reporting turned up three instances in … Read More

AP corrects: Backstreet's back, all right

Oh my god, they're back again. The Associated Press made an important clarification on Thursday, noting that The Backstreet Boys are not, in fact, a former boy band. The news cooperative tweeted the correction, which promoted a story detailing the arrest of Backstreet Boys vocalist Nick Carter: (CORRECTS) Backstreet Boys singer (not former) … Read More

What's next for Sean Penn? Exclusives with the ghosts of Hitler and Al Capone?

Good morning. Maybe evil Ugandan Joseph Kony? Andy Borowitz jested that the head of ISIS canceled a planned meeting with Penn since it would no longer be "prudent." (The New Yorker) Well, at least most people realized he was joking; some didn't. (Gawker) After the technology-ignorant Penn's (Vanity Fair) Rolling Stone session with the … Read More

The Poynter.org redesign - Frequently Asked Questions

After several months of strategizing, planning and building, the revamped Poynter.org is here. The goals of this redesign were to build a mobile-friendly site that loads quickly, allows for easier navigation and provides more avenues to the content and work of other parts of The Poynter Institute. As is the case with most redesigns, this is only the beginning. We … Read More

Managing Change

Sometimes something just feels wrong in a workplace. But how do you diagnose the situation?  Say, for example, the direction or goals seen unclear in your office. There could be a lot of reasons for that. Here are some root causes of that problem--and the questions that will help you pinpoint the cause. Maybe the cause is leadership. Ask: … Read More

Canadian newspaper corrects itself on love, hatred and Trump

The lack of punctuation on Twitter hashtags claimed another victim on Wednesday, as The Globe and Mail misread a tweet by Hillary Clinton. In a matter-of-fact correction on today's edition, the Canadian newspaper apologized for the mishap: (To be fair to The Globe and Mail, Clinton's tweet was nothing if not belligerent towards Trump.) … Read More

Career Beat: Keith Jenkins becomes general manager at National Geographic Digital

Good morning! Here are some career updates from the journalism community: Kirstine Stewart is now vice president of North America media partnerships at Twitter. Previously, she was head of Twitter's presence in Canada. (Recode) George Rodrigue is now assistant news director at WFAA in Dallas. Previously, he was managing editor at The Dallas Morning News. (Romenesko) Keith Jenkins … Read More

Crowdsourcing during a crisis has its drawbacks

With all the talk of database journalism and mapping data, one would think crowdmapping would be taking off. But, it’s unclear how useful the practice is for journalists, especially with data collected in dangerous humanitarian crises, like the one in Syria. There are success stories. Crowdmapping software Ushahidi immediately comes to mind. It gained popularity in 2008 when the software … Read More

Cell Sets Fire to Pillow, Story Sets Fire to TV Station Website

A news report about a small fire with no injuries took the internet by storm last week. The question is why. The story is about a Dallas area teen who says her cellphone caught fire beneath her pillow as she slept The teen went to sleep with her Samsung Galaxy S4 under her pillow and awoke to a smouldering mess, … Read More

From the archives: Sig Gissler, Pulitzer administrator 2002-2014

Sig Gissler, left, is toasted by Seymour Topping during a reception honoring Gissler's appointment as administrator of the Pulitzer Prizes in 2002, in New York. (AP Photo/Richard Drew) Sig Gissler announced his retirement as administrator of the Pulitzer Prizes in January. He served in the position since 2002. Here's a look back at Poynter's archives on Gissler and the … Read More

Pew: Americans tuning out coverage of Iraq

The Pew Research Center reported today that one-fourth of Americans are paying attention to the tumult and violence in Iraq, even as America's involvement in the situation begins to grow. Americans are 'modestly' interested in Iraq coverage, according to a recent survey from the Pew Research Center. Credit: Pew Research Center The report, which was based on a survey … Read More