How to get feedback on your writing

In a recent essay, I described how Tom French and I wrote our books using what I called “the buddy system.” In response, one writer tweeted: “Wish I had a buddy.”

So where do you find a buddy? And where else can you find the help you need to do your best writing?

All of us, I’ve argued for a long time now, need more writing help than is given to us.

Are you a staff writer at a newspaper? Guess what: Your editor does not have the time to give you the coaching you deserve.

Are you a freelance writer? Even if a magazine buys your story, editors may cut it on their whim, without giving you feedback or seeking your input.

Are you in a college writing class? Your teacher may be so busy grading papers that there is little opportunity for constructive conversation about revision.

So what is an ambitious writer to do? I explained, and offered related tips, in a live chat. You can replay it here:

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    I have pretty much written as law and economics, the need to respond to reviews.
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