How to use Storify as a reporting tool

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Storify has been getting a lot of buzz lately as a new tool that lets you pull in various elements of social media to build a story. On the Storify backend, you can enter a headline or a summary and search for tweets, Flickr photos, YouTube videos and other elements to tell your story and then reorganize the elements and add text to give them more context. You can also let the people in your story know it exists so that they can help it go viral.

In a post on her Zombie Journalism blog
, TBD’s Mandy Jenkins outlined 10 ways journalists can use this new tool. Here are some of them:

  • To create a social media/multimedia narrative. Jenkins used Storify to make sense of a story involving a death outside of a D.C. nightclub. The story had a lot of twists and turns, so she used Storify to illustrate the narrative in tweets, photos and documents.
  • To organize your live tweets into a story. Michael Margolis of GetStoried recently did this. Jenkins pointed out that reporters who live tweet government meetings, press conferences and other events could use Storify to display their tweets and then weave in quotes and anecdotes to help fill out the story.

Mark Luckie of 10,000 Words also wrote a good piece on Storify and explained how journalists and newsrooms are using the tool.

How have you used Storify?

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  • Poynter

    You could try sending an @ message to @Storify.

    -Steve Myers

  • Heather Bryant

    I’ve really wanted to use it, but haven’t been able to get an invite to join the beta. I would appreciate any suggestions.

  • Mallary Jean Tenore

    @VirtualDavis — Thanks for the link. I like the idea of using Storify to cover conferences and other events. It’s a good way to capture a variety of voices and coverage.


  • virtualDavis

    Looks like I’m late to this Storify love-fest, but no less enthusiastic or impressed. Storify is potentially a game changer for professional journalism, citizen journalism and online storytelling. Curating will become more and more critical as the digital din gets louder and fuzzier and data becomes more ephemeral.

    I recently attended eBook Summit 2010 and used Storify to aggregate/curate this benchmark writing/publishing event: I can’t conceive of a more effective tool for telling the story via multiple individuals. Kudos, Storify!

  • Alfred Ingram

    I’ve played with storify, now I have a few more ideas to try out.

  • Poynter

    Thanks for sharing, Ryan. I like how you used Storify to showcase information about the storm. Nice way of blending status updates, tweets, photos and more.


  • Ryan Osborn

    I work at NBC News and have been using Storify.

    Still experimenting but put together this thread to cover the snowstorm:

    Very easy to use and think it is a great tool.