Attend the First Writing Tools Webinar

We’ve just marked the first anniversary of publication of the book
version of “Writing Tools.” (If you order it through this link to
, Poynter gets a piece of the action.) More than 23,000
hard cover copies have been sold. The paperback version is due
out in January.

So you’ve got the book, the blog, the podcasts, the musical. What
next? The Webinar, of course. If you have not yet
experienced a Webinar, it’s a cool and inexpensive form of
learning. Created by News University, or NewsU, it is a live event, scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 18, at 2
p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. The cost to register is $29.95, plus the cost of the long distance phone call. You get to hear my voice via the telephone,
follow the lessons and examples on your computer screen and submit
questions and comments.

For my first Webinar, I’ve chosen my favorite writing tool: The
Order of Words. This strategy of emphasis, priority and news
judgment can improve your prose in a single day. I have used it
in my own writing, my coaching and my teaching, and I’ve received
great feedback from both inexperienced writers and prize-winning
veterans of the craft.

Here’s the link
to everything you need to know about the Webinar and how to register.

One more piece of news: I’ve just closed a deal with Little,
Brown to write a companion book to “Writing Tools.” The tentative
title is “The Glamour of Grammar.” You’ll hear more about
this new project soon, and I’ll need your help.

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