Rob Ford’s brother: Media should stop ‘Stalin-era’ tactics

The National Post | CTV News | Now Toronto

On Friday, Rob Ford’s brother lectured reporters at Toronto’s city hall for 15 minutes on their “Stalin-era” tactics. Natalie Alcoba reported about Ford-the-other-brother’s tirade in The National Post.

“Until the media stops its (Soviet) Stalin-era Pravda journalism. And for the folks that don’t know Pravda journalism, back in the day of Stalin …” he said, before reporters interjected.

“The mayor is feeling healthier than he ever has. He’s focused on his diet plan, he’s focused on working out two hours a day and, you know something, he’s of healthy mind.”

Ford at City Hall Thursday (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young)

On Friday, Daniel Bitonti reported for CTV News that Ford told the media they’d already decided his brother was guilty.

“If there was a rope here, you (the media) would bring him out to the middle of the square and hang him up,” Ford said. “But the people don’t feel that way.”

But maybe Ford doesn’t understand what he’s really saying, John Semley writes in Now Toronto.

What Doug Ford doesn’t understand, probably, is that Pravda was actually owned by the government to disseminate propaganda. So if the Toronto media were practicing Pravda journalism, they’d be advocating uncritically for the Ford administration.

Rob Ford, meanwhile, wasn’t answering questions about the whole crack smoking thing, Alcoba reported.

“The mayor is only [answering] questions as they relate to the snow that falls on the ground,” Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong told reporters who asked about whether the mayor smoked crack in April.

“Anything else?” the mayor followed up. Then he climbed into a snow blower, and joked that the media should stand in front.

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