CNN tweet on Snowden riles Greenwald in wake of NSA ruling

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On Tuesday morning, CNN tweeted, then deleted, this:

Glenn Greenwald followed up quickly.

Then, the tweet was deleted.

On Monday night, Huffington Post reported about Greenwald and CNN senior analyst Jeffrey Toobin’s debate on the ruling from a federal judge about the “likely illegal” NSA surveillance program.

“How could it not vindicate him?” Greenwald said about the ruling on Monday night. “I think it’s not only the right but the duty in Edward Snowden’s situation to come forward at great risk to himself and inform his fellow citizens about what it is that their government is doing in the dark that is illegal.”

Toobin disagreed, but said this may be as close as Snowden would get to vindication, Huffinton Post reported.

Charlie Savage wrote about the ruling itself by Judge Richard Leon Monday in The New York Times.

“I cannot imagine a more ‘indiscriminate’ and ‘arbitrary’ invasion than this systematic and high-tech collection and retention of personal data on virtually every single citizen for purposes of querying and analyzing it without prior judicial approval,” Judge Leon wrote in a 68-page ruling. “Surely, such a program infringes on ‘that degree of privacy’ that the founders enshrined in the Fourth Amendment,” which prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures.

The story also ran a statement from Snowden, which was provided by Greenwald. It read, in part:

“Today, a secret program authorized by a secret court was, when exposed to the light of day, found to violate Americans’ rights,” the statement said. “It is the first of many.”

After CNN’s tweet and delete went out this morning, Greenwald responded with this:

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  • Wastrel Way

    “CNN did the right thing and deleted that tweet” — No.

    Doing the right thing is defending and explaining what you said, and if you change your mind or policy, say so, and apologize if you must. Nothing disappears on twitter, any more than you can “take back” something you say. Deleting it doesn’t make any difference. We see it in the screenshots and we discuss it here, and Greenwald thinks it’s all over. Obviously he’s wrong.

  • thuggyBear

    1) You do know there are these things called “laws”, right? Here’s a pro tip: they are there for a reason. Also, they aren’t just for the little people.

    2) You might not be aware of this, but the government is supposed to work for you- you don’t exist to serve the government.

    3) This is supposed to be a (representative) democracy, not a shadowy police state that operates in secrecy.

    4) You ever notice that after all of these massive exposés, we’ve never accidentally uncovered any operations that weren’t shady? That’s because people do things in secrecy for a reason- it’s illegal and immoral.

    5) Pretty effed up that Snowden had to flee to Russia, of all places, to avoid be persecuted by his own government, where the only person who went to jail over torture was the person who exposed it.

  • Sean225

    Snowden is a dope. He didn’t just expose the NSA spying, he released the information to everyone and hurt the United States in the process. Then the little weasel goes and hides in Russia!?!? Are you F$#$king kidding me? Russia, which has a far worse human rights record then the united states, who treats its citizens far worse then the United Strates. Russia who is trying to make homosexuality illegal and throw those citizens who show their homosexuality in jail. WTF?!?! The United States is far from perfect and the NSA spying certainly is a bad thing. However by hiding with the ruthless and undemocratic Russians its hard to have any sympathy for Snowden. Why Russia? What his time machine didn’t work making him unable to flee to Nazi Germany? The who thing reeks like BS. You don’t expose US secrets to the world under the guise of liberating and helping the American people and then go and hide with a shitty regime like Russia who just shits all over their people. How many innocent Russians were killed when they blew up the apartment buildings in Russia in order to carry out the invasion of Chechnya? How many Russians rot away in the corrupt Russian penal system because of their anti government sentiment? If this Snowden POS did to the Russians what he did to the USA, he would be dead right now.