Inquirer: Calling Keller a traitor is reckless, over the line

Philadelphia Inquirer | Romenesko Letters
Bashing the New York Times — and journalists generally — is a hobby for the Media Research Center and other conservative outlets and pundits, notes the Inquirer. “This time, though, the rhetoric has ratcheted up beyond reason: accusing [Times editor Bill] Keller of a heinous crime, treason. …This is false. This is mean. This is reckless and over the line. It should be denounced by any American who prizes the First Amendment and the ideals of civil, democratic discourse.” | Read a Media Research Center staffer’s response.
> “Let me come forward and speak up for NYT,” writes Rocky editor (RMN)
> GOPer: “Picking on NYT is a home run with the Republican base” (NYS)
> Bush admin’s whaling with unusual abandon on its favorite pinata (MH)
> “There are things we know that we won’t publish,” says Sulzberger (BN)
> Nixon WH hated NYT because it was more credible than Nixon (SF Chron)

> Lippman: Recent attacks on NYT, other newspapers are Agnew-like (Sun)
> Chapman: Why didn’t Bush go to court to stop “harmful” stories? (ChiTrib)
> Reaction comes in fast after Fort Worth columnist praises NYT (FWS-T)

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