Blogging Advances

Pioneering weblogging host Blogger has debuted a revamped service. The company is credited with helping launch the blogging craze by popularizing weblogs with its free hosting service. Now owned by Google, Blogger has added a bunch of features that catch it up with competitors who have offered more in the last couple years. Among the more significant new features: the ability to e-mail in a blog post, and “AudioBlogger,” which lets you call in from a phone and leave a message that’s immediately posted to your blog as an MP3 audio file.

And in another significant bit of blogging news, the Democratic National Convention has agreed to issue press credentials to some bloggers this summer, as the Boston Globe reports. Convention media organizers appear still to prefer that credentialed bloggers be affiliated with known media organizations, so independent bloggers may have to make a tougher sell to convention officials. Well-known independent bloggers like Joshua Micah Marshall, who’s asking his Talking Points Memo readers to donate money to fund his trips to the Democratic and Republican conventions this summer, probably will have an easier time.

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