MySpace Classifieds

What will the “MySpace generation” use for classifieds? Yeah, Craigslist — but also MySpace.

According to Peter M. Zollman‘s Classified Intelligence Report (a paid industry newsletter), MySpace has decided to move aggressively into classified advertising. There’s already a Classifieds link on the main navigation bar, and classifieds categories for a bunch of cities in the U.S. and around the world. Company executives have noticed people turning the teen- and young-adult-oriented social networking site into an informal sales channel, so they’ve decided to go at it full bore.

How interesting to see an old-line media company (Rupert Murdoch‘s News Corp., which owns plenty of newspapers) discover an online channel for classifieds that could be as popular with young people as Craigslist.

MySpace has 50-60 million registered users, and more than 35 million of them visited the site in February; 50 percent of the users visit at least four times a month; an average user looks at almost 500 pages a month, with an average of 37 pages per visit; and the site served nearly 22 billion pageviews in February, according to Zollman, a Tidbits contributor. Yeah, there should be a lucrative classifieds opportunity in there somewhere!

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