Lebanon Under Attack: Online Views

Following on Amy Gahran’s note about first-person accounts from Mumbai, there also are English-language bloggers filling in the details of the Israeli incursion into Lebanon in the wake of the abduction and murder of Israeli soldiers on Wednesday.

Earlier today, a group blog of Lebanese bloggers had a blow-by-blow (literally) account of the early morning Israeli Air Force raids into northern Lebanon and the Beirut suburbs. The comments are as interesting as the writing. Some come from Israel, and all thank the writers for their detailed coverage in the face of limited on-the-ground information from the MSM, despite the big play the story is getting worldwide.

Domestically in Israel, the story is dominating the media, of course. Yedioth Ahronoth, the largest daily newspaper and a tabloid had a one-word headline: “War.” Ynetnews, the English-language site owned by Yedioth, is putting the stories under the header, Two-Front War. (Disclosure: I’m the founding editor of Ynetnews and still write a column for the site, although I don’t work there anymore.)

The Hebrew-language news sites Ynet and NRG are full of video from Hezbollah’s Katyusha rocket attacks in the North of Israel, which have wounded scores of people and caused one fatality so far.

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