The Onion’s ultra-violent iPhone app rejected by Apple?

Daily Finance
It looks like The Onion has taken a satire of ultra-violent video games — a fictitious game called “Close Range,” meant to mock first-person-shooters — and pushed it further by actually developing the game and submitting it to Apple for approval.

According to Jeff Bercovici, the app was — what a surprise — rejected for its realistic portrayals of violence.

The joke started in April with an Onion review of a “new” video game consisting entirely of shooting people (and animals) in the face at very close range. According to Bercovici, Close Range was eventually developed by The Onion into a real iPhone app.

Bercovici writes that the Onion declined to comment on the process — and he provides no sources for his reporting — so the entire episode could merely be a joke within a joke. But he does raise an interesting point about Apple’s treatment of humor and satire:

“One of the delightful things about The Onion is how often its put-ons are mistaken by the dull-witted and literal-minded for real news. For every Apple customer who would buy Close Range for a sophisticated laugh, there’s surely another who’d do it for the thrill of vaporizing an ostrich’s head with a shotgun. Whose intent matters — the creator or the end user?”

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