Alan Rusbridger outlines 10 principles of ‘open journalism’

Guardian Editor-in-Chief Alan Rusbridger says he was asked during Guardian Open Weekend if he had rules for open journalism. “Not rules,” he tweeted Tuesday, “but 10 ideas abt what #openjournalism looks like.” Here they are:

Would you add anything else?

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  • Michael Wright

    Hmm, all very nice.

    But here’s the thing – what about paying people for their work?

    I’m sure before Mr Rusbridger rose to his lofty perch – he expected payment for his hard work.

    Open Journalism is a poorly wrapped excuse to not pay people for their work and as such is disgraceful.

    My son, a freelance journalist would support this view.

  • Toni Piqué i Fernàndez

    Great principles. He’s been talking this talk at least since april 18, 2010: (This was in Vienna). Which is nice but hardly new.

  • Frances Uku

    oooh! eez nice this slideshowy thingy! 

  • Frances Uku

    oooh! eez nice this slideshowy thingy!