News orgs circulate Facebook profile, photos of man who wasn’t the shooter

Reporters and producers around the country, frantically searching for information online about the alleged school shooter, found what seemed like a match. Ryan Lanza, 24, was believed responsible for the deaths of 27 people in Newtown, Conn., at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The Facebook profile showed a Ryan Lanza from Newtown, Conn., who currently lives in Hoboken, N.J. — a male who looks like he’s in his 20s. The photo fit the description, so countless news orgs ran with it in stories and tweets.

Problem is, it was the wrong guy.

Hours later, there were reports that Adam Lanza, 20, was the shooter, not his brother Ryan. The AP’s latest report explains that “earlier, a law enforcement official mistakenly transposed the brothers’ first names.” reported that “former Jersey Journal staff writer Brett Wilshe said he has spoken with Ryan Lanza of Hoboken, who told Wilshe the shooter may have had his identification.”

Some of Ryan Lanza’s Facebook friends started pointing out that he was posting messages after the shooter had already died; those messages specifically denied involvement in the shooting.

But by then, Lanza’s photo had been broadcast on the air, retweeted thousands of times and published online.

BuzzFeed went BIG with its supposed find of “the first possible photo” of the shooter:

Gawker published the photo under the headline “Is this Ryan Lanza, the Connecticut school shooter?”

Gawker deleted that post after realizing its mistake, then replaced it with this:

Mediaite ran many photos, similarly under a question-mark-couched headline.

Then it replaced it with this:

And Fox News ran with it too.

Slate tweeted it as well and Huffington Post used the Facebook photo.

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  • NTT
  • Robin Bartlett

    they are so right,the facts keep changing,and why?maybe to get us off the right track,think about it,how do the police know,that the young man killed his mother,because they found her dead,how do they know that the young man killed all the children?because they found him dead,and the two was connected because of two hand remember HUNDREDS OF SHOTS FIRED,and proof each victim had multitle wounds by examiner,How could a hand guns do this?who was the other men the police took down.How is it that the police did not find the little girl playing dead, I”M sure they checked each one for a heart beat.but she had to walk out by her self,and what about the video in the front of school,has anyone seen it,seems to me that all the different stories is made up to cover each one before,what they need to report also is that all three fathers of the school shooting(1),the batman movie shooting(2),and the nanny from newyork who killed the two children,and herself(3),are all connected,tell how connected,and over trillions of dollars,

  • Demondwhite504

    He’s about to get paid billions

  • Angelia Starr Bond

    thumbs up for you on hitting the nail on the head!

  • Angelia Starr Bond

    you are correct sir

  • Angelia Starr Bond


  • J.mcmillan

    Ryan Lanza,you have the same genes as your madman brother,you sir,need committed to a insane mental hospital.,before u go after someone with a gun!

  • Sergei Yasanov

    The poor guy lost both his mother and his brother on the same day. And all the world could do was send him horrible messages telling him to rot in hell.

  • dtom2

    Neither do you. So how about let’s not speculate? Unlike the MSM I’m patient enough to WAIT until the full UNBIASED truth is known.

  • dtom2

    My point exactly!

  • Raymond59

    It’s amazing that Reporters (“dunderheads”) only have Brains that amount to a grain of sand. And that’s insulting “a grain of sand!” I hope that Ryan Lanza (that lives in New Jersey) gets himself a good Lawyer & sues every Major Network. He’s going not going to have to worry about working for the rest of his Life. If someone misidentified me as “a shooter,” that’s what I’d do!!!!

  • Allan Holley

    I have already seen the reporting of the Gun Culture being blamed. Stop just one minute and look around. Our young children are being bombarded with video games and movies of nothing but killings. Their brains ane just now being developed. With the massive output of games and movies of nothing but killing. is not the best information for their formative years. Don’t pick out one Culture and harp on it, but look at the trash being distributed by video games and Hollywood. If the youngster is brought up thinking this is the life we now live in, that is the way they will be when growing up. For me, I blame Video Games and Hollywood plus lack of Religious upbringing as our largest problem. There has to be some morals taught at an early age, or there will be none later on.

  • JenB

    Absolutely correct Rachel. When the government does anything in the name of “for our own good” you can be sure it has nothing to do with “for our own good.”

  • Allan Holley

    Ryan Lamza, you have my sympathy. A man that worked for me was wrongly identified as one that robbed a business one night. I came to his aid by supplying his time card plus a statement that he was at work on my shift the entire time the robbery was taking place. The Newspaper retracted their statement the next day. The sad part was the paper had it in bold headlines on the front page when made. When retracted, it was inside the back part of the paper with only two lines admitting the error. I would love to see a law passed forcing any News Media that printed somthing in error being forced to print just as many columns, and in bold type, their retractions.

  • O W

    Journalism? A joke! With “Pravda on the Potomac” (aka Washington Post), and Pravda on the Hudson (aka New York Times) what do you expect. These idiots ONLY publish what they fed by the Liberal (aka Marxist) hierarchy. Ryan should sue for the net worth of all media outlets and individuals that committed this crime!

  • JenB

    If cops gave the reporters the name and they run with it, ultimately, they aren’t even doing any investigative reporting. They are simply repeating what they are told. So they are not doing their job. That isn’t journalism, that is really a lack of journalism. Heck, just report what everyone tells you without any verification. Anyone can repeat what they are told. This is another example of media malpractice. When they received the name of the guy and found his Facebook info, a REAL journalist would have tried to get more info about the guy, called his employer and found out he was actually at work and still alive. That would have taken a minimal amount of effort. They didn’t do that. Nope the real journalist would have found out rather quickly that he was NOT the perp. Epic fail for the media.

  • Jeff Sherman

    Show him the money

  • James Busse

    I hope the police official who gave the reporter the wrong info is fired. Even though all news groups are not like NBC, who prints anything and changes anything if it sells and fits their leftist viewpoint, Many News groups are trying to scoop the other in the spirt of fair plan but first in. News reporters are a bit like the snake in “the lady and the snake” where the lady nurses the snake to health then after that the snake bites her… as she is dying she asks Why? To which the snakes says “Hey, I am a snake. It’s what we do” The reporters are not after truth just sources and being first. I wouldn’t worry about NBC news since they will just make something up anyway.

  • Ally B

    Adam Lanza was an avowed communist and anarchist

  • Rocky Mountain

    But even then they only based their reports on the connection between him and someone who lived in Newtown. This needed more robust verification.

  • Rocky Mountain

    He still didn’t do it and the press could’ve waited.

  • Rocky Mountain

    “First reports always wrong”? If that’s the case, why not wait?

  • Rocky Mountain

    You don’t know what they might find at Lanza’s home.

  • Rocky Mountain

    Everytime the Taliban does something it is both crazy and terroristic.

  • Glenda Wolin

    I’m surprised no one has noted that publishing a photo from someone’s FB page without permission is illegal. The photo editor at my paper makes this point constantly, but most papers, blogs and TV stations do it. Using a screen shot of a page is permissible but rarely done.

  • Rocky Mountain

    Wow, you are a piece of work. What does “15 minutes of fame” have to do with it as though he was seeking it out. You’ve had your 1 second now go back to sleep. Oh, and BTW I can’t say that word but I can say “fool”

  • Rocky Mountain

    One remark she made – and I realize she was emotional herself and didn’t really have time to think it through – was about parents whose kids were safe describing them as “lucky ones”. Indeed they were, but this was not a lottery and the victims were not simply “unlucky”.

  • Rocky Mountain

    Do you read Huffington Post much? Check out their reporting anytime.

  • Rocky Mountain

    But the media aided them if that’s the case.

  • Rocky Mountain

    But the media ran with it didn’t they; then they complain when the police don’t release information and this is the reason why.

  • Gus Gustifer

    Oh that’s wonderful, take the media talking points are help their lie live on! WOW

  • Gus Gustifer

    Big reason to stop believing them!

  • Gus Gustifer

    They did? What police? Do you have a name. I was media for a decade, they are ruthless and politically driven. Not to mention untruthful.

  • Gus Gustifer

    Wake up man, who told you that? The cops or the media? And you are dumb enough to believe them! WOW.

  • Gus Gustifer

    Are you really that dumb to believe news now? Or is it that you hunger for news to the extent you were part of the problem, forwarding news crap as truth? The news is politics, simple. It is a game that fools follow. All media is wrong, incorrect and driven by a political agenda, please stop supporting them. I still wonder who posibily turned this kid and the other massacre kids on. Was it news? Government? I believe news and politics are possibily using these poor kids as their killers for news and agenda empowerment.

  • Vulp fc

    Gosh, he MUST be the shooter. Lookit that, dark sunglasses, pale skin = goth!

    Seriously though, I hope Ryan Lanza takes home a huge payday off these greedy 1% (the real useless rich) leftist newspaper jackals.

    I mean, it is FAIR (to quote the left) to get restitution for being so humiliated. Right?

  • Tom Thompson

    How come you are a total d-bag? You should try to find some more articles on CNN and then comment “This article is racist”, and then post retarded shit like how the white man smells of bologna, or how you continue to be oh so supressed. Poor you. Yup, you are a d-bag.

  • mauloa

    Take the “media” that falsely reported Ryan as the killer — to the cleaners. Never has there been a more clear case of slander. Reporting is much more than just posting a name on Facebook, or entering a name into “Google”. Reporting is tracking down facts. The fact that the killer had his brother’s ID on him doesn’t tell the compete story… the facts were corrected shortly, but the greedy, stupid media had already “inked the water”. Give them hell, Ryan.

  • Benjamin Ghazi

    Surely this is Bush’s fault or the fault of the Tea Party, Reagan, or Millard Fillmore! ;)

  • Benjamin Ghazi

    Once the cat is out of the bag and this guy’s name has been dragged through the mud, it would actually help him for the media to point out the screwups.

  • Benjamin Ghazi

    Liberalism = Death of responsible journalism.

    For liberal journalists it’s all about promoting their agenda regardless of the truth.

  • itookredpill

    So all it takes is a basic understanding of google searches to be employed by the lame stream media?

  • itookredpill

    No time for corroboration when there’s 24 hours of garbage programming to fill.

    24 hr cable news = death of responsible journalism

  • Califstarheart

    Love your post. Right to the point.

  • woodnfish

    Very, very big lawsuit against every phony “news” organisation that ran this young man’s photo with a story linked to the shooting. I hope he wins ruinous amounts of money from them.


    When might the “media” do their jobs, instead of trying to grab headlines? Maybe if the media went after info on Benghazi with the same zeal, Americans would REALLY know what happened.

  • bytebear

    I hope he sues every last one of those news orgs. Journalism is dead.

  • bghter

    I pray for you Ryan… May you find peace in this messed up world

  • BoruBrian

    There is no more 4th estate, just a bunch of hacks and over educated morons in search of winning awards and getting on TV. Watergate (has to be the most over hyped story of the century, these were not new tactics and was more stupidity than anything-it is not the Libya situation where people DIED), and then everyone wanted to be Woodward and Bernstein. The problem is, not that they wanted to be good reporters, but wanted to be famous (infamous).
    The poor “news” coverage today is simply the evolution, limited fact checking, opinion based reporting, ignoring stories that do not fit a political view. There is no covenant between the media and the public. There is no longer any trust.
    One could argue, that since the days of the Jefferson/Adams election, the US press has abused the freedom of speech more than dictators have worked to suppressed the right to speak.
    This kid is forever tied to his brother, regardless, so I am not clear there was actual damage done, but the real issue here is not that there was a mistake made, because they will happen, but the evironment (police had a major hand in the process) in which the mistake was made encourages the mistake to happen again and again.

  • Cyndi Allison

    Wouldn’t it be the “right” thing to do to remove the photos here at a news organization like Poynter? It appears that you are cashing in on this tragedy for the brother just as the other news organizations that you criticize.

  • John Sheridan

    There are so many different stories, some from police, some from witnesses, some from government, that it will be difficult to believe what they say happened. What IS clear to me that I find it highly unlikely that a single non-professionally trained shooter could be so accurate, fire so many times and conveniently kill themselves as well.

  • joecool

    No, they are all the same on this score.

  • John Sheridan

    Sorry, there are NO real reporters left, that is why they refer to them as ‘the talent’ vs the reporter. Just pretty talking heads reading a teleprompter…..hey…..that’s what we have in the White House too, isn’t it.

  • John Sheridan

    PLEEEZE, enough with the terrorist stuff. Every time a crazy person does something crazy, it is NOT terrorism.

  • Duncan Alden Jones

    SUE the MORONIC members of the press, the Corporate Officers and Directors, and controlling shareholders for gross negligence, libel, and deliberate indifference to the acts of others. These reporters need to be given the lesson of their lives, stripped of all their wealth, fired and blackballed from any media jobs.

  • d2lv

    I do and generally, it is good but yesterday, it was gawd awful. Mean Kelly was terrible and I normally I like her.

  • d2lv

    Like the vetting of our current President.

  • d2lv

    This was the worst coverage of any disaster that I have seen. First, there were no casualties. Then there were 26. They misidentified the shooter. He shot his father in NJ then his father was alive. He lived in Connecticut then it was NJ. I do not care if they misidentified the brothers, they should have been sure. Any area that is a “Gun Free Zone” is dangerous. It is nothing more that a shooting gallery for crazies. One armed and trained person in that school would have shortened the carnage. This whole report was disgusting.

  • Fiala L

    So are you telling us the the CBS, NBC and ABC networks are better?

  • luckystrike57

    It is the Mainstream Medias’ fault that these shooting are happening.

  • Fiala L

    CNN or someone did the same thing with the theater shooting in Colorado. It’s a matter of everyone wanting to be first, at the price of accuracy.

  • David Leonard

    Critical journalism and ethical reporting are in very short supply these days. If you want the “News”, you can find it at any of the PRAVDA sources that are more concerned with making a buck, than getting it right. If you are one of the few who are NOT among the ‘dumb-masses’, then you must search out the truth on your own. The mass media outlets can no longer be trusted to do any more than advance their own agendas.

  • cristo52

    Remember Richard Jewell.

  • CanofSand

    Going to Facebook or Google, searching for a name (even if it *were* the CORRECT name), and then running with the first photo that pops up isn’t “journalism”. Fire these clowns.

  • alien5

    Sue the crap out of these people

  • Eric Ferguson

    Lawyers will have a field day collecting half of the lawsuit.

  • Eric Ferguson

    Sue the news agency for wrongfull and crappy journallism. Crappy journalism is what give us Obama.

  • David Anthony Gibson

    Morons. “Fox News CONFIRMS…” ??? Slow down you idiots. A terrible day for America – topped off with terrible “news” reporting.

  • Sean Cauffiel

    Wow, will this guy have to pay windfall profit taxes, or what?

  • Andy Totenkopf

    Media are the scum of the earth

  • Markle

    Little wonder people are so protective of themselves today. My prescription for Ambien carries a bold warning…MAY CAUSE DROWSINESS…DUHHH

    The first thought of the hyenas is to CALL AN ATTORNEY! SUE SOMEBODY!

    The shooter was carrying his brothers ID, thus the understandable mistake. We have a welfare society always looking for someone else to be responsible. What a mess.

  • ItWasAboutTime

    Your an I D I O T and that is an understatement and obviously know NOTHING about mental health law and regulations. In this country just because you have a mental illness or deficiency — you ARE NOT REQUIRED, NOR CAN any one MAKE YOU seek treatment.

  • ItWasAboutTime

    I am a mother and in no way do I blame Republicans or the NRA. If Democrats and liberal zealots had an ounce of common sense they would realize there will be those who will ALWAYS break the law and by disarming it’s citizenry allow law abiding folks to become victims. I’m going to assume you are part of that crowd. As a mother who is law abiding the only gun I’ve ever known is a Kimber .45. I am proficient in its use, practice target and live scenario shooting on a regular basis. I will never carry on school property because it is against the law and yet if I were allowed to conceal carry in many restricted places, I would be ready and available if a threat was detected. I will say that I’m sure I practice more than a large portion of law enforcement officials..the reason most law enforcement officials only practice enough to stay certified. It is expensive to shoot on a weekly basis.

  • Shawn Walsh

    well at least you dont call people you disagree with names……………………..cuz that would be awesome……and make you sound smart…

  • Shawn Walsh

    i am not a litigious person but he should sue the shit out of everyone and everything. even any reposts/retweets by non individuals should be pursued. i wouldn’t support suing some random citizen…..

  • Common Man

    Today’s “Journalists” are not about “facts,” but rather “How did you feel when you found out you were posting the wrong photo?”

  • Common Man

    Ok, how is that? And what exactly is an “NRA zealot,” I know you’ll send an angry reply, but seriously, I’m just asking.

  • TaxRevolt

    I doubt it.

  • Mister Natural

    well at least he’s gonna be rich after the settlement checks come in

  • vaShepherd

    He should sue CNN and send a message to the rest of these “news” parasites.

  • SOG1077

    And Barry Soetoro-Obama is a mulatto and his bologna gets eaten by other men. Just ask Larry Sinclair, Donald Young, Nate Spencer, Larry Bland, Bill Frist, Kal Penn, Reggie Love. Yes, that sick basterd Barack is on the down low and there is nothing Mooch-Hell can do about it. She signed up to be his “beard.”

  • Texas_Freedom

    What a a bunch of freaking irresponsible tools. How can anyone not despise what America’s media has become . . . . ?

  • SOG1077

    SUE THESE VULTURES, RYAN LANZA. You will be doing your country a big service.

  • Zcat

    Sue them! The MSM has become a danger to the American people! They refuse to report the FACTS of whats going on in this country, and then they put peoples lives in danger with reckless reporting. Someone could have noticed the guy from the news and harmed him due the incompetence of the MSM!!!

  • DontwearaNosestud

    You all sound like a bunch of squabbling 7th graders. stfu already.

  • Mikki Dean

    LaQuan, This is a tragic moment. Why don’t you spend it less on racist quips and more on looking for a job? We are looking for more clowns. You qualify.

  • George Bruhl

    Shame on the Hyena-press (thanks Juan). A rush to judgment? How about defamation! Go find a
    pit bull lawyer. This isn’t the first time our lovely press has done this an innocent person. It
    needs to stop. They go for the scoop when they should be going for the absolute
    facts AFTER all the facts are in. I can wait for the truth instead of newsfeed
    B.S. and I feel very badly for people who are victims of the press and who are
    basically kicked to the curb and left in the dust. Remember Richard Jewell? The
    press ruined his short lived life; ruined it – When all he was guilty of was saving lives at the
    Atlanta Olympics. He sued the press and won, but his life NEVER returned to any
    semblance of normalcy.

  • PaPa-10

    I would SUE THE HELL out of these bastards!

  • Phillip Larson

    Just like Richard Jewel

  • dtom2

    Hey nit wit…. When a crime of this MAGNITUDE has been committed a full vetting of the identity of the perp SHOULD be part of the process. Just like they NEVER vet ANYTHING of importance! Yet they find time to go to Alaska to dig through Sarah Palins trash for something, ANYTHING, to use to smear her. This was nothing more than a bunch of jerks, consumed with having “breaking news” first and salivating at the chance to broadcast a name ahead of the competition, while never giving a tinkers damn about the accuracy. Get it?

  • Patrice Mersault

    Republicans and NRA zealots are to blame for massacres like this. Nice work.

  • kimdi01

    Can you say LAWSUIT? What Ryan ought to do is sue the “news” organizations that used his picture for all they are worth, which in my mind is very little, and donate that money to the families of the slain children and school staff.

  • Tawana Sharpton

    Are you a SCIENTOLOGIST you freak?

  • dtom2

    I’m surprised none of those numb nuts in the “Main Stream Media” haven’t blamed this horrific crime on a tea party member yet. I’m sure the rats are scurrying about searching in vain for some link though. This poor guy is just the latest victim of their glaring incompetence. He should sue the *hit out of every one of the maggots!

  • Michael Burns

    Ryan, Sue the liberal media for every cent they are worth. They make gazillions of dollars a year from advertisers spreading their slanted views on the liberal cool-aid drinkers of America. They found a Facebook page and without fact checking, ran the story.

  • LaQuan Jackson

    No need to sue. All wh!te people look alike (and smell of bologna). It was an honest mistake.

  • BobVedari

    The press cannot rely on the police. They are supposed to do their own independent confirmation. Otherwise, they should just be considered “relayers” and not reporters.

  • Randall S Smith

    He should sue all the media for liable and request compensation of millions.

  • BobVedari

    Talk about heaping atrocity on top of atrocity. I’d say that the news organizations that named the wrong guy should have the people responsible thrown into the slammer for 5 years. If that sounds harsh, I don’t care. Reporters have a responsibility to confirm what they put out there. They have repeatedly published wrong information in order to “scoop” the competition. I get the need to be the first out with the facts – as long as they’re facts. If you rush to publish and get it wrong, thus ruining someone’s life – the Big House for you.

  • tkdblkblt

    Once again the ‘news’ media proves that it is not interested in facts, accuracy or real news, but rather sensationalism. This is not the first time in recent history that this has occurred . I think it was in the Gabby Gifford incident that the news media went on line and released information about the wrong person because they found a matching name as a member of the TEA party. It’s about time that the news media was held accountable for its reckless behavior.

  • John Place


  • sameolbs

    The mainstream media is dangerous when it comes to using the Internet. It is time to make keyboards illegal and take them out of the hands of the media.

  • matism

    That is true as well.

  • James1754

    In the never ending rush to report before having all the information, the media has smeared another innocent person. I hope he sues.

  • cajuncocoa

    I hope Ryan sues those news organizations for millions. Maybe then they’ll learn to do their research before rushing to be the FIRST with a wrong story.

  • joecool

    This is what happens when millions are addicted to TV. 24 hour “news” coverage is destroying us!

  • Bucky

    want to stop these gun toting loonies…

    stop making them famous you pen wackers!

    this is what psychologists have found out…

    they want to kill themselves and they want everyone to know abut it.

    make them the most anonymous little shits ever,
    and never publish anything about them and this will stop.

  • Lynne MacSorley Jackson

    Apparently Adam had items of identification belonging to his brother Ryan in his possession. So I am assuming that when they searched his body, they found them and believed thay had the ID of the shooter – but they were wrong. So the lessons are: 1) Confirm identities; and 2) Do #1 before talking with the media.

  • art johnson

    His brother is not a VICTIM of the media. He does not own the content that he posted on social media sites. He does have a blood bond relationship to the tragic act. He will provide value to the investigation. He is having his 15 minutes of fame. I have a child and have sympathy for the grieving families.

    The action of the killer is tragic, horrific, and rare. Characterizing the event as a terrorist act reveals limited cognition. Future compilations of facts may reveal the killer used violence in pursuit of political aims. This psycho was most likely suffering from the effects of prescription drugs. Can you say, “selective serotonin/norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors”? Was the killer a victim? Was the killer a theraputic user of Celexa, Zoloft, Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, and Lexapro? Who will be held accountable? I do not recognize this disturbing and tragic event a terrorist act.

  • Kaimana

    This poor guy- I went to his FB page right away- He has so many friends, many of whom looked so NORMAL, University students, and people with jobs, it DID seem strange. And then, shallow me, I thought, but he’s so nice-looking, I didn’t like that, either. GLAD it was not him!

  • Kevin Stowell

    Good thing for the rest of us the cabal of regressive cretins we so colloquially call “the media” are smarter than the rest of us. ‘Sure reduces the likelihood of mistakes like oh, I don’t know, carrying the water of the most failed president yet.

  • Sum_Ting_Wong

    The press that is screaming for restrictions on the Second Amendment apparently need restrictions on the First Amendment as well.

  • Josh Dick

    THEY GET BAILOUTS this does not help anyone but him if he sues them.. get it ?

  • Josh Dick


  • John Smith

    I would make the Law suit never ending. These piranhas got it wrong and need to be punished.

  • Native_New_Yorker

    I hope he sues the pants off of all of them!!!! There is no journalistic integrity left….only yellow journalism and propoganda. Sad commentary on America.

  • Bruce Boelter

    No, they got he name from someone “annonymous” not authorized to speak. Read what they wrote MORON!

  • Bruce Boelter

    When you spend a generation telling poeple that killing babies is a “choice” and a “right”, and that no one can judge them, this is what you get.

  • Bruce Boelter

    Wrong. Have a name o cop source? NO.

  • Bruce Boelter

    sorry, source was annoynymous….big lible case!

  • Brian Kelsey

    Actually, most if these nuts are apolitical.

  • Brian Kelsey

    Your analogy is incorrect. This situation is the same.

  • Brian Kelsey

    No deadline, breaking story. It was a rush to ratings.

  • Juvenal2

    Today’s “journalists” are no such things. They are propagandists and rumor mongers.

  • Brian Kelsey

    How much is the media paying you for your drivel supporting them?

  • Carlmann

    in the early moments/hours of any disaster, man caused, or nature caused, be certain of one thing. The earliest news information is always wrong. Never trust it. It takes a while for journalists (ugh, did I actually call them that) to get it right.

  • Brian Kelsey

    There is no deadline on a breaking news story. And even if there was it is no justification for accusing the wrong person. What you call a deadline is noting more than every media outlet trying to be the first to broadcast/post something. It’s a race for RATINGS not deadlines. Know how I know? I’m a former journalist who left the biz because of the very crap like this.

  • Brian Kelsey

    The “reporting something the police said” ended when they sought out his facebook profile without even confirming they had the right person with the name given by police.

  • Brian Kelsey

    Police released a name, not a photo or a facebook profile. The media ran with that on its own before they confirmed they had the right facebook profile.

    As a former journalist myself I hope he sues. He will win.

  • jcam

    The leftist news media is corrupt and despicable. Since they want to take away our 2nd Amendment rights, let’s take away their 1st Amendment rights.

  • republicanprincess

    then the police should have checked more thoroughly……..

  • republicanprincess

    this is our media today….act first…check second…….i am not for suing without good cause…this young man has great cause

  • Mark Sylvester

    Another example of why they”re called the drive-by media

  • Rowwdy Colt

    What utter nonsense. His brother is in no way culpable.

  • Russell

    libel lawsuit–slam dunk! bleed those corporate media whores!!!

  • Paul__Revere

    doesnt matter, police do not broadcast, police do not put your face all over television causing unimaginable stress and ruin in an innocent person’s life forever linking you to the slaughter of dozens of children

    An oil company gets negligent and creates a FIXABLE mess and you people want to put them out of business depsite the huge contribution they make to society in any number of ways.

    BUT A MEDIA OUTLET, oh no, they can be totally negligent and ruin lives and create misdirected public furor, ruin innocent lives, endanger innocent people….oh and what GOOD do they ever do? I can think of almost nothing to be honest…..yeah you people want to give them a pass and actually will go to the lengths of making excuses for them.

    Get your priorities straight.

  • Paul__Revere

    sounds like you are smarter than those running the biggest propaganda mills….er, um, i mean, media outlets, in the country

  • Paul__Revere

    right, and since police officers aren’t “journalists” and the media are (or so they claim), it is incumbent upon THEM to doublecheck before BROADCASTING

  • Paul__Revere

    As usual, incompetence on parade.
    Have they figured out a way to make him a Tea Party supporter yet?

  • Brudah Zacharias

    The AP’s latest report explains that “earlier, a law enforcement official mistakenly transposed the brothers’ first names.”= wow…what dumb cops!!!

  • Steve

    If schools and government buildings are ‘gun free’ zones, where would a person that wants kill lots of people think to go?

    search ‘List of defensive gun use incidents’

  • Steve

    The media creates reality that we all accept unquestioning. If the ‘identity was confirmed by CNN’ then anyone who questions CNN (which creates our reality) is fringe conspiracy theorist.

  • cuchobear

    This is how the media and the ignorant Obama voters vetted Dear Leader, via Facebook.

  • cuchobear

    Has CNN checked Tea Party websites yet? I bet this scumbag was an Obama-loving Democrat. All these wackos are left-wingers.

  • haaggus

    Ryan Lanza could become a millionaire if he plays his cards right here. One of the biggest cases of libel/slander I’ve ever seen!

  • Eric Anderson

    Nice “reporting” idiots. They are also going on and on about an “assault rifle.” How many of you caught the Fox News story and got the TRUTH? No rifle of ANY kind was used, “assault” or otherwise. I don’t believe a thing I read unless I was an eyewitness…..and even then, if it read it from some liberal outlet I’ll question my own senses.
    Ryan: SUE THEM FOR THEIR LAST DROP OF BLOOD! Seriously. Tear them a new one. These bogus “journalists” need to be taught a lesson.

  • aaron m. curd

    ya know, maybe this mass media is part of the problem. maybe we shouldnt broadcast media outside of our own state borders anymore. do you think that maybe just maybe every major news outlet cramming a horrific shooting down americas throat for nearly a week everytime every hour has an affect on some mentally unstable person somewhere in the united states? some people will not agree with me here and may even get mad but why should something in connecticut now impact every other person and every other state in the union? this shooting is all ive heard about today and i feel sick to my stomach for the families and also for the country and where its headed and the rights we may lose now. i mean the media didnt even get done blasting that mall shooting (which wasnt even that bad). it was 4 days after the mall shooting and they still werent done blasting every little detail down our throats every second every day and whadaya know! it blended right into this for the next week. i wouldnt be suprised if this makes some other sick human being snap and go on some sort of rampage. also, here is something that i typed earlier on a different sight. its a bit long but i copied and i will paste it here. its what i think the problem with out nation is.

    the 2nd amendment has been here since this countries inception. its not the 2nd amendments fault or the founders fault, its no ones fault but our own. these people talk about putting band aids on band aids wanting more guns to combat more people with guns. you know what i say to that? the only band aid i see thats about to be put on is one of more gun control and its so freakin foolish and delusional. you people just dont want to admit how decadent and diseased of a culture we have gotten. you want to limit the 2nd amendment or do away with it only so you can continue with your corrupt and diseased lifestyle and not have to worry about the consequences that come with it. what do you think is going to happen when young people listen to gangster rap and other violent music mixed with EXTREMELY VIOLENT video games and movies. im all for the bill of rights and constitution but this country was built on morals, morals that we have betrayed. a moral people have freedom and liberty but aparently you dont want that! you want your decadence and disease and your corruption and you want more laws and restrictions to cover up the side affects of your lack of morals, simple as that. do you know what comes with no moral character of the people and more and more laws to cover the side affects up? tyranny is what comes with that my friends and i hope you are ready for it because you asked and practicaly begged for it! you think your going to get to keep the rest of your rights once our means to protect them is gone? guns are used almost 2 million times a year in self defense, take away the 2nd amendment and watch the murders and rapes skyrocket. after you watch the murders and rapes skyrocket then you can watch your freedom of speech or something else get blamed, just like whats happening with the 2nd amendment right now, mark my words. most of you like living in corruption and disease more than you like living with good morals. no one fears god anymore and this is what happens when people do not fear god. when i see some of the things that people are into nowadays i shudder with fear and disgust while others rejoice in the presence of its wickedness! thats whats wrong with this nation and our children are now suffering because of our failure to embrace all that is good and turn away from all that is bad.

  • dannyvice

    No, it’s proof that police officers sometimes release incorrect information to the media, which is what happened in this case.

  • dannyvice

    A libel case requires someone to KNOWINGLY publish false or misleading information about another person. Reporting something a police officers said doesn’t meet that criteria, unless the news org failed to publish/broadcast a correction once the mistake was realized.

  • dannyvice

    Um, no…. The media is in a rush. This isn’t the first, second or third time the media has used social networking to misidentify a person or their political affiliation. One news org tied the Aurora shooter to the Tea Party until he was proven wrong. A similar thing happened with the Gifford shooting.

  • Marlene Hessler


  • Wally Lind

    Wrong, he is the brother. That won’t bring down the legal tab.

  • Wally Lind

    This guy OWNS CNN and Fox News, and probably lots of other news organizations. He’ll have a battery of lawyers making these organizations cut him checks, just to make him go away. It’s nice that they corrected it the same day, that will lop a few million off the tab. But Ryan won’t have to worry about where his next BMW is coming from.

  • Marlene Hessler

    This young man will wrongfully be crucified. It is bad enough that he had a crazy brother and has lost his mother. His home has been on all news station broadcasts. This is hideous reporting.

  • Tannie Bollton

    Why was he put in handcuffs? Why was Ryan’s computer confiscated without his permission? Law suits will abound…

  • Steven Chavez

    I guess face-book does have purpose? that sucks.

  • Clayton Anthony Goodman

    its because we live in such a media saturated society that stuff like this happens. mistakes such as this should have never been made. Ryan if you read this we are praying for ya man.

  • Scratcheee

    The motion is carried.

  • Steven Biggs

    The same people that are bashing Fox are the same people that were silent when NBC tagged the wrong person in the Colorado shooting.

  • Scratcheee

    Wrong. All the First Amendment guarantees is a press that is free from government interference. It does not make them immune to lawsuits from private citizens (nor does it make them immune to criminal prosecution by the government, for that matter.)

  • Steven Biggs

    Obviously, you only care for your leftist news.

  • Eugene Kim

    It’s one thing to quote the name, which came from police. But republishing his Facebook page and showing his photos??? Bad call. Remember Brian Ross of ABC News fingering the wrong guy following the movie theatre shooting in Aurora, Colo.?

  • warhammer557

    Earlier I heard that there were two suspects and that one of them was the brother (Ryan), that he had been pulled out of the woods by the school wearing camo and black tactical gear, and he was telling parents on the scene that he didn’t do it. Now where did all that come from? Are they just guessing when they’re reporting “news”?

  • Doug Tull

    Do you watch “Fox News” much? Check out their reporting today.

  • Chris Cherry

    sorry counselor..sarc. suggesting he is in some way culpable is despicable. You’re no barrister you’re a clown with an IP address.

  • James Layne

    A lawsuit will almost certainly go nowhere. The media are protected by the First Amendment unless they intentionally/maliciously posted information like this, which doesn’t seem to be the case.

  • John Bball

    don’t settle for less than 100 million dollars.

  • Juris Graney

    Let’s not forget the case of Zahra Soltani….

  • Mandy McMoy Skogebo

    I feel soooooo bad for this guy on so many levels.

  • Evitavrescon Ytxisneetninecnis

    Go to court, face a jury. Let the media find out just how loathed they have become.

  • Matt Diestel

    UPI — when it was a real news wire service — had a great mission statement for all of its reporters: “Get it FIRST — but get it RIGHT!” It seems in this social media age that journalists of all stripes only care about the “get it first” part and to hell with making sure the information is correct. This is he second time in a less than a year when major news organization wrongly accused someone of a mass killing. In that case it was the theater showing at the Batman movie opening night in Colorado. In that case, a person with the same name as the shooter who happen to live in the same city was proclaimed to be the killer by a network reporter and before it could be retracted had been picked up by the other networks and tweeted all over the world. Now, where will either on those victims of media rush to headlines go to get their reputations back? But then I am just an old school newspaper editor who can forgive an honest mistake but has no room in his heart for sloppy or lazy journalism.

  • fugazi71

    “journalism” at it’s finest…

  • Jason Krutz

    Pat…yeah some people here are dense……anybody can file suit at any time for any reason……doesn’t mean they’ll win, but they can file.

  • teapartydoc

    The only thing that seems to matter to the MSM is using this and other incidents to deprive us of our rights and establish a socialist dictatorship. Let’s all share in a moment of silence for our rights.

  • Hand of Doom


  • Jason Krutz

    scary huh twin, they already keep eveything you’ve ever written on the web

  • Jason Krutz

    Parson stop talking and listen for a min….anyone can sue anyone or any co. at any point in time… are trying to say he will lose…but he can show damages so he in fact does have a suit

  • Travis McGee

    Not to mention, Richard Jewel is dead. I believe it led to an early death for him and other family members who also died not long after that terrible mixup. Very, very sad…

  • Jason Krutz

    He can sue both the police and the media outlets, he can show damages

  • Travis McGee

    no, the guy on FB is a completely different family, no relation at all, he is not the brother. He just happens to have the same name. No relationship at all to any of this.

  • Miles to Code

    You mean like they nearly did when Spike Lee did his infamous tweeting during the Zimmerman debacle?

  • Miles to Code

    Nobody’s saying don’t let the police do their job. They’re jumping on the media for jumping the gun.

  • slopemope

    I believe the exact wording of how the Police officially gave R Lanza’s information to the press could be pertinent. If they hedged in their official release (I didn’t see it) then Fox may have a problem. If the police confirmed it, then they have some possible liability. I’m guessing one of their reporters unofficially saw the ID, matched the Facebook pic and decided to run with it as “confirmed”. It is a race in the 24 hour newsutainment world. OOPS – he gave his lil’ bro his ID so he could get into bars probably. CNN was very deliberately slow in their body count numbers and very specific wording, kudos to them they finally learned their lesson. Fox OTOH could use some of their own learning in $$, they are not much of a news organization anymore than MSNBC. News is definitely dead, and no one cares – except this guy.

  • Gary Nelson Harper

    Remember you heard it here first! Have fun with all that money, non-shooter Ryan…Faux News wants to take you to lunch.. Tres Gatos in Barcelona is nice this time of year.

  • Roy L Galutia

    We can beat the press up ….but likely at one time or another each of us has jumped to conclusions and said something only to find out it wasn’t true….We all need a little more patience and let the police do their job ….

  • Richard Walker

    They took the picture of an innocent man and declared him a killer based on minimal information–clear negligence. The media outlets will likely decide avoid a court battle and settle.

    Stop treating the media like saints. They’ll happily defame anyone necessary to get the news out first. The money they pay in lawsuits is collateral damage.

  • MadMax51

    Proof that our media is just as much, if not worse that mentally ill people in the possession of guns…

  • Charles Holmes

    Hey idiots: its social media, available to anyone. I should sue all of you for victimizing me by ruining the United States with your liberal dribble.

  • FinbarOS

    You were expecting professionals?

  • Rachel

    I can’t imagine worse defamation than splashing your photo all over and naming you are a mass murderer of little children. Jeez, Jim…what are you smoking?

  • Proudly Unaffiliated

    Perhaps they can invoke “my boss made me do it”/only following orders defense.

  • Proudly Unaffiliated

    Its Bush’s fault.

  • patrick lane

    Wow wish I knew you in person – it’s like I’m looking at my own text/post

  • rogern1967

    Another banner day for the press.

    Political bias, rampant double standards with regard to race, religion, and sex. Pure fabrications…and here premature, unsubstantiated guessing. Hmmm. No wonder most print newspapers are on borrowed time, and the legacy TV network “news” programs are dying.

    I don’t trust ‘em.

  • Proudly Unaffiliated

    There is only one thing we can reliably expect from the mainstream media nowadays– leftist propaganda. Facts are not to be found.

  • pinksmoke

    Yep….agree completely. The broadcast media feasts off disasters like this the way leeches go to blood. They view themselves as above all the ‘little people’, and supported by huge corporations, they have the money to wear an opponent down. They have all created special headline names for the tragic killings, with special theme music to boot.

  • verbusen

    Libtard family ….with assault rifles and armed to the teeth.

  • Cornballbrother

    I’m a brain surgeon :$), good lawyer? Oxymoron if ever I heard one. I I were Lanza top on my list when my brother killed my mom, 20 kids and himself, I’d be planning my payday my ID being found on my dead brother causing a false lead for an hour…….PatTheRat you know better.

  • parsonbrown11

    If he wasn’t the killers brother…..because he’s the brother and his ID was used he has no case IMHO

  • joedoakes202

    “Fame” is addictive . . . even the false feeling of it.

  • parsonbrown11

    He has no case. Just the pain and shame. Did he let his brother use his old ID to buy beers? Did the younger brother pull it from the trash? Just as likely the brother is liable for something that aided and abetted.

  • parsonbrown11

    Jewel not involved. This guy is the brother who’s ID was used, he’s the right name given by cops. Don’t think it’s a suit. Leave it to the lawyers, not me, I’m not a lawyer just a reader

  • parsonbrown11

    Cops gave reporters the name. They found the right person given to them by cops. Timely correction.

  • parsonbrown11

    They got the name from cops. They found the right person named by cops. They made timely corrections. No lawsuit.

  • PatThe Rat

    Then you are as big of an idiot as ParsonBrown. This guy has got an excellent lawsuit, if handled by a good attorney (which you obviously are NOT).

  • PatThe Rat

    My God. I pray to the good Lord you are not an attorney because you have no comprehension of the law. I’ll be praying for you and your clients (which hopefully do not exist). This guy has got an EXCELLENT lawsuit. If you can’t see that, you need to go back to 1st year Law School.

  • PatThe Rat

    Remember Richard Jewell – the suspected Atlanta Olympics bomber? The guy started out as a hero but was then publicly barbecued by the runaway media. They don’t care whether they have the right person or not – they just want to get a story and ratings.

  • PatThe Rat

    Look at the suspected Atlanta Olympics bomber that news organizations went after – plastering his picture all over the place before they knew the full story. He ended up getting settlements from CNN, NBC and New York Post. So don’t give legal advice when you have no clue what you are talking about.

  • PatThe Rat

    You’re an example of the type of attorney Mr. Lanza should steer clear of. He needs one that understands what NEGLIGENCE is – no malice is needed to be proven. So quit giving legal advice when you have no idea of what you’re talking about.

  • PatThe Rat

    Ryan Lanza – find a GOOD attorney who is a member of The American Association for Justice who will sue these liberal news outlets into bankruptcy. You will forever be linked as the killer due to the negligence of these so-called news agencies and will have trouble getting work thanks to these nuts and possibly will need years of therapy for the torture they put you through!

  • rotorhead1871

    east coast psycho…too many rats in the cage……

  • stopthejunk1

    When are all you nitwits going to stop putting photos and personal information online for the world to see?

    Facebook serves only to feed the narcissism of morons.

    Never had an account; never will.

  • Matt Shyne

    Whenever a ‘news organization says it has ‘confirmed’ some fact, WATCH OUT!

  • mauloa

    Reporting is MORE than just looking up a name on Facebook! However, this is what we have in today’s media/news.

  • mauloa

    Juan Sergio Chao – I totally agree! The shootings are a horrendous thing and everyone condems it. However, it is the “ever present” media, exhibiting their deplorable reporting that must also pay the price for their “false” media releases. I’m sure Ryan Lanza will be set for life if he so chooses to sue.

  • Franklin Cromer


  • James Phelan

    “But THIS debacle is nothing more than a RUSH to JUDGMENT!” No, this is more proof that journalism as a fact based profession is over and has been for over a decade. You can try to justify it any way that makes you feel good but this is no better than Lester Holt of NBC reporting this terrible situation with an Obama style smile/smirk on his face. The media in this country disgusts me.

  • Tom Johnson

    Social media, along with the MSM, is destroying this country. How pathetic that just hours from a tragedy like this wannabe journalists are scrambling to post a pic of the monster just so they can say “FIRST!” like some brain dead internet commentor. Stop speculating and wait for ALL the FACTS to come through, then provide them. Freaking amateurs.

  • Myra Mains

    Sad….to be mis-identified by a press that does not do it’s job….

  • Jim Snape

    He has no case. Aside from the fact that he chose to put his name, age, photos, address out in the public domain, there was no malice in reporting it. Simply an honest mistake, by the police who confirmed the identity


    The violating media should all be fined $100,000 million each, with another payment up for review next month, this to continue until they totally retract statements. Then, they should crawl on their fat bellies for two years.. The ONLY stock in trade for the media, is their accuracy. Banks/brokers/etc, and other industries, have and are paying Billions for violating their “stock in trade!” How can these media companies possibly escape after another insane error??

  • Johnny Pryor

    Sooner or later… the media is going to get some innocent person killed doing this.

  • Pouncekitty

    The ACLU and liberals are directly responsible for today’s shootings. Why? Because they spend all their time defending the crazies, putting mental patients back on the streets, REFUSING to incarcerate crazy people, telling us we are “bigots” for wanting the nuts off the streets. They defend the criminals but turn a blind eye to the honest. The ACLU and liberals are directly responsible for today’s massacre in Connecticut, not guns.

  • Steven Kaufman

    Sue every last one of these pathetic excuses for “journalists.”

  • ronbrueske

    I say we need WORD control, none of the news agencies are allowed to type, print, scribble, write, publish one word, not one word until a background check is done on every so called reporter. Also, if they get one word wrong, bingo the agency and their reporters lose the right to type, write, print, scribble, type or publish anything again.

  • Amos3

    Thank the do gooders for this. They lobbied to get the sickos out of the insane asylums because it wasn’t fair to keep these sickos locked up when they could be out among the rest of mankind leading productive lives as long as they took their meds. By the way, Bloombucks in NYC and that ideological, agenda driven Boston Mayor should be ashamed of themselves pushing their political agenda at the expense of other peoples’ grief.

  • RichPorardo

    Sue the living crap out of both the news orgs and the individuals.

  • Gavin Smith

    Hell, even after seeing the picture I couldn’t pick him out of a lineup with that douchy hat and glasses. He is safely incognito with that hipster garb. .

  • artimusClyde

    He’s not even related, it’s someone who happens to have the same name of the guy’s brother.

  • parsonbrown11

    Police found ID on the dead assailant. No suit here. Info came from cops. First reports always wrong.

  • CrashFroelich

    Ever hear of Richard Jewell? He has a shot. Um, sorry.

  • CrashFroelich

    The Internet. Stupidity at the speed of light.

  • Edward Riepe

    It demonstrates the reason for what I wrote in the first chapter of Fema Camp 37, for which I have received some critical comments. The press in this country, both left and right, are abysmal. That is why we are in trouble.

  • Don Rua

    Don’t kid yourself. He doesn’t need a case to sue, just public sentiment, and these major media will be happy to settle out of court. Look at the likes on Juan’s comment, 125 to nothing. Lawyers will have a field day. It doesn’t matter about the id or none of that, when you accuse someone of being one of our worst child killers in history, you better be MFing sure it is exactly who you say it is. There is not room for leniency in a case like this, and the media will have to pay.

  • Richard Becker

    Do you think that reporters confirm their sources, verify information or even check facts? All they do is analyse, give conjecture or point fingers to blame someone else since they don’t believe in personal responsibility.

  • Don Rua

    And American’s confidence in the media just dropped 50%, from 7% confidence to 3.5%. The media today is horrendous, and not just incompetent, but part of the problem. There’s no accountability or disciplined review of media.

  • Clifford

    I hope he sues each and every news agency and send them a message to investigate before putting false info out.

  • Dixie T

    Well, , , ,liberals and Democrats ARE saying Fox News IS NOT a news organization—but they believe MSNBC IS!!!!!! Fox News still gets the new “correct,” more often than ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC!!!

  • Guest

    this guy is going to make millions

  • Dixie T

    He could still suit! Just because he’s from the same “family unit,” does not mean he cannot suit for defamation of character!!!!

  • Todd Clemmer

    The media (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC) is umbilical-ed to the new government. They are untouchable.

  • Dixie T

    News Media: Rush to judgment, as usual!!! Forget the FACTS of a situation—run with it!!!

  • Hell-Cat

    Sue the crap out of them.

  • aZjimbo

    Typical media. Never waiting for the correct info. I hope he sues these bastards for everything.

  • parsonbrown11

    Autism shoots

  • parsonbrown11

    Yeah John smith of that town with that brother and mom and that school in his that John smiths hometown… surprise to this Lanza, just horror.

  • Andrea Baxter

    This afternoon, I heard an ABC news reporter explain that the public needs to understand that “the facts” in these shooting stories “keep changing.” Really? You mean it’s not the erroneous conclusions that keep changing?

  • parsonbrown11

    This Lanza is the brother. Those people were unrelated to trayshawn

  • Casey Thrower

    Stupid news media bastards. I hate them all.

  • J.mcmillan

    Ryan, u and your family has the same genes,therefore, u need locked up in a mental institute for life!

  • Barack_Obozo

    The world has become a little village…with rumors spreading like wildfires…today they call them “journalist”…the used to call them gossips and busybodies…rule of thumb wait three days to get any idea of what actually happened.

  • Maxine Hall Beckner

    He needs to sue his dead brother who carried his ID while committing this atrocity in order to hopefully humiliate him nationally by having him named as the shooter.

  • parsonbrown11

    No. He knew where his mom worked. He knew his own home town. He knew h is nutty brother and he knew the brother might have an old ID of Ryan’s……no suprises , just tragedy

  • Abel Garcia

    He has or had a personally disorder so he had a few loose screws. This is ironic and if it weren’t for 26 people dead, it would be kinds funny. That is police and some people want to put “WHY” to actions to a person who is not all there to begin with (loose screws).

  • Andrea Baxter

    To most people, FOX News is also considered mainstream media. A news outlet can’t outdraw all of the others and be considered a cult news source.

  • Andrea Baxter

    Sixteen years after the Atlanta Olympics, the public still believes Richard Jewell (RIP) was the Olympic Park bomber because the media erroneously labeled him as such. Turned out Jewell was heroic and helped people to safety. He got some nice settlements as a result, but I suspect he was the sort of guy who’d have preferred his good name. That can’t be restored in a culture where the average person has the attention span of a fruit fly.

  • J.mcmillan

    Ryan,you belong in a nuthouse,for real, we do not need a person with your family genes,running around,you need committed to a mental institution for life!

  • parsonbrown11

    Same Lanza, suit if wrong family, autistic brother couldn’t have a license? Maybe used his brother’s expired ID? No lawsuit, no malice, deadline pressure, timely correction……Now if these sites found another Lanza and did this maybe, but no lawsuit here.

  • Chris Holmes

    Instead of gun control, why don’t we work on INSANITY CONTROL.

  • Yvonne Michelle Chambers Gumm

    This is just one of the to quick to publish issues news organizations have. Being first is important but it should NEVER mean not verifying the information.

  • crispy 1

    absolutely!! tear them a new one

  • LiteWaves

    The actual kids meds came from the “Authorities” he was just another in a long list of
    P H U C K E D UP ZOMBIES on pharmaceuticals . The drugs embraced and issued by the same crowd now wondering why everyone is dead …welcome to columbine 2012 .

  • Walter Bellhaven

    I’m a guy, but my FB name is Marylou Rottencrotch

  • parsonbrown11

    The name Sandy is starting to become reichstagish……..storm that consolidates power in election and now a school where the first crocodile tear is shed……interesting.
    More people killed in every metro area by guns this year by non-school shooters than all school shootings in history. More murders in Oakland area in one year than every school shootings combined in history, just for context.

  • Slidingintoit

    ___________ B U I L D I N G __ 7 __ S E V E N _____________

  • Andylit

    This is exactly why we need to pass laws that put the media back on the same footing as the rest of us. This guy will never be win a suit against the press outlet that is defaming him. Under several SCOTUS rulings, the media is protected against lawsuits that would be a slam dunk against you and I.

    In order to win such a case, you not only have to prove that you have been damaged, but you have to prove that the media outlet INTENDED to harm you. In other words, you have to find memos or emails or tapes in which the media source people discuss deliberately harming you by publishing.

    As much as I love the 1st Amendment, there is simply no justification for giving journalists more protection than the average Joe.

  • Independent Tom

    Stupid liberal sensationalists are so eager for a scoop they will risk anyone’s life… well, anyone else’s life. Remember, liberals invented gun free zones to give violent democrats targets that would generate the most possible outrage. Liberals are murderers by proxy in every single school shooting.

  • Slidingintoit



  • parsonbrown11

    Could never sue, no malice, deadline pressure, shooter used ryans id, he’s the brother…..think he will have more important issues than a media suit. ” I’m not the killer, it was my brother who also killed my mother, he used my expired ID…….” no suit. Questions about autism and whether mentally ill “autistic” kids should be living unsupervised lives.

  • Slidingintoit





    ____B U I L D I N G __ 7 __S E V E N ____







  • Gord B

    Why has no one mentioned that AFP/Getty distributed the photo?

    This undated Facebook photo shows alleged school shooter Ryan Lanza, 24. The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012 brought police swarming into the leafy neighborhood, while other area schools were put under lock-down, police and local media said. (HO/AFP/Getty Images)

  • Slidingintoit




  • Rachel

    I’m sure you won’t have to wait long…the Left is nothing if not predictable. However, the anti-gun people are wasting their time. The kid got the gun illegally and used it in a gun-free zone, which just proves crazies and criminals don’t care about laws. So anti-gun laws will only disarm the victims..not the perps. And to be honest the Feds don’t want to disarm the population to protect us, they want to disarm the population to control us.

  • Slidingintoit




    ____B U I L D I N G __ 7 __S E V E N ____







  • Daniel Martin Gray

    The MSM is NOT careless, hasty or in a RUSH to PUBLISH.

    Well, OK, they ARE.

    But THIS debacle is nothing more than a RUSH to JUDGMENT!

    And THAT news is NOTHING NEW…

    ANYTHING GOES, all MEANS are justified by “Progressive” ENDS. They PUSH us FORWARD, but should be WARY, lest they UNLEASH the beast they claim WE the PEOPLE are, and find themselves the victims of their OWN duplicity…

  • NotKennedy

    Leave it to the liberal media to instantly blame anything, say anything and start spewing. Believe NOTHING of what you read in the media, even less of what you hear. They wanted to hang an innocent man. It is what they do, best. It is their instinct, their training, their intuition. Goebbels could could not be more proud of the propagandists.

  • .

    This horrific tragedy is bad enough without the media itself creating yet ANOTHER innocent victim by their own negligence and irresponsibility! Ryan my friend….it’s time to hit these media vultures where they live. I hope you have the courage to sue each and every outlet that falsely accused you of being a twisted mass murderer because by posting your picture that is exactly what they did.

  • Tom

    Fox News also made the mistake…I swear to God I’m getting more and more disgusted with the people commenting on Drudge-linked articles AND I’ve been reading Drudge for the past 5 years. Screechy and no substance at all.

  • StageCoachDriver

    Same thing happened after the Aurora shootings. And these media types are the people we turn to for the facts!

    Slandering amateurs!

    hope the wrongly implicated person sues them for every dime they have and puts them all out of business.

  • Miles to Code

    Your best bet is to ask Santa for that in your stocking.

  • Amber Spiess

    I’m just waiting for rhetoric about this being connected to a tea party member.

  • Miles to Code

    No kidding. Imagine the confusion that would erupt around newsrooms if the guy’s name had been John Smith.

  • Amber Spiess

    The media has blown this situation for so many reasons, this being one of the many. Major news outlets continue to release information that is conflicting with other major news sources. Is their father dead or not? Was the mom a teacher or not? Was she murdered at home or at school? Was or was there not a 2nd person in question that was detained in a wooded area near by the school? Is the missing girlfriend still missing or not? It’s given me a headache and I won’t even address the fools who have, once again, turned this into a political debate over the 2nd amendment or the condemnation of a law abiding gun owner. It’s too much.

  • Miles to Code

    Buzzfeed leads with the picture and you want to blame FOX? How bereft of intelligence are you?

  • Amber Spiess

    Exactly! People need to remember this boy was also a VICTIM of this terrorist act. His mother has been murdered and his brother has committed an unforgivable act. I feel for this kid. It’s such a shame and very sad.

  • picomanning

    Fox news confirmed Ryan was the shooter? Now what f up at Fox is going to take responsibility for this? Resignation is completely appropriate.

  • ItWasAboutTime

    Wish our society had the gumption to pull the plug on facebook, myspace, twitter, etc. As for the press and their continued screw-ups we won’t see any self admonishments on their part. Unless we desire a police state events such as this shooting will continue. It is sad, it’s terrible and it’s awful but we can’t tell the future. The govt has played a very responsible role/part in dividing families and making difficult if not impossible for families to MAKE family members get mental health treatment.

  • William Dockson

    Facebook and all this social media crap is the problem with society. if anyone’s interested, you can Google “How Rome Burned”. lol

  • Digi

    I thought that same thing.

  • UnNews

    This is why you make up a name to use on FB, and I mean some goofy name.

  • JhoffaX


  • Matt Roman

    I second the retardation motion. I’ve never heard such a foolish comment in my life.

  • Matt Roman

    I hope that kid gets himself a lawyer and jacks the media shills for a few mill. Bloomberg yells about guns, but makes a TON of money from this kinda stuff because he’s a media mogul. Buncha hypocrites!

  • NealK

    Now that the shooter has been ID’d as Adam Lanza, is it possible that this Ryan Lanza (incorrectly identified as the shooter, regardless) is the 24 year old brother in Hoboken that was taken in for questioning today? If this is the case, is it possible this poor guy was updating his Facebook page, denying he was the shooter, before he found out that his mother was dead and his brother was a mass killer and also dead?


  • gellero

    Spike Lee had to pay BIG $$$ to the mis-identified ‘parents’ of George Zimmerman.
    Media types are MORONS…….and I truly hope they have to pay $$$$$$

  • gotalife

    It was his younger brother idiots.

  • Jim Hampton

    Wow, this poor guy! I’d be PISSED!

  • Kay Cee

    They were also saying when they named him, there may have been a second person involved.

  • PedroHanson

    The left wing journalists who support the 1st Amendment that defines our right (the people’s right) to free speech are the first ones to deny our (the same people) 2nd Amendments rights. Without the 2nd Amendment the 1st would be useless, except in the case of the official propagandists for the ruling regime. The government would decide who can speak, and if you oppose the government, you will be silenced. It has happened again and again in human history, and could happen here. I dare say it IS happening here, and the tyrants are using this tragedy to demonize the 2nd Amendment.

  • Calvin McWhorter

    CNN sucks. This is typical of the low-life inhabitants of that organization.

  • Texasooner

    Let’s hope he successfully sues the so-called news organizations that just had to publish the accusation without first verifying the correct identity.

  • John Johnson

    ‘Everyone stfu it wasn’t me’ isn’t exactly the response you’d think you would get from someone who at the very least, knew that a massacre had taken place at his mother’s school.

  • Locke-Fawkes

    They posted his picture and said he was a murderer.
    That is damage, and long term.

  • moderate fringe

    The Media are fast food. They got us the info in lighting speed. Never mind it was the wrong order and we don’t need this nutjobs name 500 times when they get it right.

  • Dee Littlehouse

    Some idiots will not make the connection and still think it’s him. Shows the danger of social media.

  • The_All_Knowing

    Much like democrats, facebook and the news always get the situation wrong.

  • Jason

    Oh boo hoo…the media needs to run with something. If you get blamed for mass murder, big deal right? Accuracy is not a part of the medias job.

  • Magnus Ver Magnusson

    The dumbest thing about this story is that the author has done the exact same thing he writes about. The media, in this case, did confirm the ID. It turns out the Feds gave out the wrong brother’s name. They have admitted the mistake. So, apparently this author doesn’t feel the need to confirm facts before writing a story either. Brilliant.

  • Joe M

    you are retarded…of course he is defamed…he was branded as killing 26 people including 20 CHILDREN! That is LONG term you imbicile.

  • Rachel

    beyond disgusting…they are criminal

  • Rachel

    Certainly not the first time the media has publicized the wrong person with the right name…they are a DISGRACE! MEDIA IS AT LEAST 50% OF EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG IN THIS COUNTRY. They give crazy suicidal young people fame and glory for doing evil horrible things like this because they flood the airwaves with anything they can find (most of which is wrong for the first 48 hrs). So the nutjobs who want to do themselves in, decide to go out in a blaze of glory to get the notoriety they didn’t have in life.
    People want to ban guns? Forget it. BAN THE MEDIA.

  • John K

    Everytime there is a news event these fools climb all overbeach other trying to get a scoop. This story isnt 24 hours old and they have had countless errors and retractions. Wonder if a news agency will ever step back and say we may be a bit slower but a helluvah lot more accurate. The desire for a scoop so easily overrides their responsibilities as journalist. Now they are just kind of story tellers. Losers

  • jomondo

    yes, more akin to 4CHAN tactics.

  • jomondo

    billions put up a billboard of their lives for all the world to see. one would assume the blood suckers would anticipate some overlap with the name thing. I’ll stick to the under nets where its safe.

  • doug1961

    Facebook and the incompetent media sucks

  • Juan Sergio Chao

    Ryan Lanza, I hope after the dust settles that you find yourself a good lawyer and sue EVERY news organization that ran with your pictures. *MAYBE* then these hyenas will learn the lesson.

  • Brad

    I cancelled my FB back in July and I haven’t missed it one bit.

  • Jim Wolfson

    He’s not “defamed” – shooter is dead, he’s alive so he’s obviously the wrong person and there’s no long-term harm done to his reputation. But he’ll still collect a few bucks here and there.

  • Brad

    Gagh, the MSM and liberals are so friggin disgusting.

  • LouAnnWatson

    the mob is never rational…i’m on facebook under a pseudonym and only my real friends know it’s me. it’s all fun and games until someone breaks the “you shall not bear false witness” commandment

  • Tax Ifornia


  • Steve Munch

    Yellow Journalism at its finest. Look it up on Google.

  • Jack Gerhardt

    I smell a MAJOR defamation case.

  • Kimberly Richter

    Not to be insensitive towards the shooting, or Ryan’s plight as having been abused by the media, but this underscores exactly why I don’t use Facebook. Its not just Facebook that has a hard time respecting your privacy, its everyone else who can get access to it.

  • twinspeedr

    10 years from now you won’t be a legal citizen unless you’re registered on the DHS/FB database.

  • Moe Zarella

    Sometimes, danger lurks in George Gollin’s pants.

  • R Morningstar

    This is why you don’t use Facebook, friends don’t let their friends use Facebook. 10 years from now we will look back at this FB craze and wonder who drugged us.

  • CJ Melendez

    This is a good post. There are way too many starving publications trying to criminalize this guy after a shoddy and weak attempt at journalism by Facebook search.

  • Hope Flynn

    This is just crazy