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Keeping up with all the media changes around us isn’t easy. For years, I’ve kept a set of old-fashioned files, filled with clippings and Web printouts. I also kept some files on my computer that I would send around when reporters would call to ask about new-media developments.
Recently, I have taken another approach. I now have an easily accessible Web page where I have been adding articles for my students and me to read. I have been told it’s useful by folks who have seen it, so I am sharing it with you.
Go to and you will find a link to a continuously updated list of stories about various aspects of the news business. Topics include the future of newspapers, online video, new journalism ventures and much more. I have also created a list of Web sites I read regularly, along with a collection of stats. This is very much a work in progress, so I would love feedback and your own link suggestions.
You will notice I use Google Docs to maintain the list. My next column will be a detailed look that service. If you have thoughts about it, let me know.
YOUR TURN: Send sites you like to me at (include your name, affiliation and city), and I just might run one in a future column.

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See details of SAJA Convention & Job Fair at Columbia & CUNY, July 12-15, 2007

See details of SAJA Conevention & Job Fair at Columbia & CUNY, July 12-15, 2007

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