Media Matters chief: Fox News is a political institution, not a media institution

Washington Post
“We’re here to counter their lies and misinformation,” says Media Matters founder David Brock. In recent weeks, his organization has gone from simply publicizing what it deems to be Fox’s misinformation to actively campaigning against the network, reports Paul Farhi. It’s posted a Web page with an online petition that asks Fox’s advertisers to stop sponsoring the network.

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  • June Korda

    Stan Gahpa, countering lies and misinformation is what it is. If you want to bring something to the table other than your opinon on “liberal leaners” then fine, but what is there to debate with you. What have you brought to a debate other than a complaint that there’s an organization that holds Fox News accountable.

    I honestly don’t see what kind of validity you are lending to complaining about holding someone accountable for “reporting” deliberate misinformation – is it that you expect everyone to prefer being lied to?

    I don’t prefer it, never will. Honesty in reporting is preferred as far as I’m concerned. Why should there be a complaint about honesty in reporting and fact-checking – not sure why you’d want to complain about that.

    If that’s not your point, then are you going to attempt to prove that fact-checking is “liberal-leaning” and if it is, then what.

    You go on about playing it down the middle after complaining that fact-checking is “liberal-leaning” – here’s the fundamental flaw of your argument.

    Facts are facts, and fact-checking shouldn’t be compromising them for you.

    So don’t complain about an organization that holds someone accountable when fact-checking doesn’t bend to your liking. If you don’t like it, that’s nobody’s fault but your own.

  • Stan Gahpa

    Next up… Newsbusters criticizes MSNBC. Is Media Matters criticism of anything (or everything) FOX does really worth posting here. Or is it just another instance of putting FOX — and other conservative leaners — through wringer and giving MSNBC — and other liberal leaners — a pass?