Nearly every time you see the word jogger in a headline, it’s bad news

Runner’s World
Runner’s World editor Mark Remy noticed that after setting up Google News Alerts for runner and jogger. “Maybe jogger – which isn’t far from jagged and dagger – just feels more appropriate in a violent context than the nicer-sounding runner,” he writes.

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  • Mark

    I agree. But if it’s quantitative analysis and science you’re looking for, you’ll find my blog VERY disappointing. RW Daily is little more than a platform for weird/funny/cool things I happen to notice. Also I sometimes post videos of cats on treadmills. -Mark Remy,

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t it be just as meaningful to count the ratio of headlines themselves that reflect bad news? If you really wanted to “bring on the science,” start with that, and then see if the ratio of headlines with “jogger” that were bad news was greater or less than the ratio of bad-news headlines overall.