ESPN suspends Selva for lifting OC Register column

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ESPN anchor Will Selva apologized for his “horrible mistake” and admitted that “I did not live up to my high standards or ESPN’s” when lifting Kevin Ding‘s lead in the Orange County Register. He’s been suspended for an undisclosed period of time. || Earlier: “Glad you liked my column so much. Try not to plagiarize it next time.”

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  • Steve’s OKC Central

    Ah, yes, isn’t it so nice to be alive in 2011 when there are no dastardly deeds, just “mistakes”? No, it’s not a mistake. You went to a sports news site. You made the effort to copy and paste what another person wrote. This is the start of plagiarism. If you say that this is a common occurance with tv “journalists,” then you are saying television folks repeatedly plagiarize the hard working “doomed” newspaper writers. And yes, I completely agree with that conclusion. If you work in tv and you follow Selva’s lead, just know, you’re guilty too.

  • Anonymous

    If you search under plagiarism or Selva plagiarism, all kinds of stories about other sports journalists come up. Nothing about Selva, not even ESPN’s announcement. Odd they shouldn’t carry their own story about it.