Influence peddlers fill Capitol Hill papers with ads on Congress’ Inauguration Day
Dave Levinthal reports thirteen corporations, unions or special interest groups that lobby the federal government bought at least one full-page ad in Wednesday’s print editions of Roll Call, The Hill or Politico. Chevron was the biggest spender, with two two-page spreads in both Politico and The Hill.

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  • Anonymous

    Of course they did. Especially since our political system is essenstially up for sale post SCOTUS’ Citizens United decison. A betrayal of democratic principles, of gov’t by the people. Non-living, non-breathing, often non-tax paying corporations are “persons” with a “voice”. Money is by far the loudest voice out there. And the people are being drowned in the cacaphony of BS, meant to divide and derail this nation, all for special interests. Shame on Justice Roberts, et. al. This activist court overturned 103 years of settled law and unleashed this madness. Traitors.