Meet Palin’s ‘sort-of-spokesperson,’ an ex-screenwriter with sharp teeth

The Daily Beast
Rebecca Mansour whacks Sarah Palin’s detractors with such thumb-in-the-eye passion as to make her boss seem downright diplomatic, writes Howard Kurtz. “Mansour is as devoted to Palin as a family member. That may help explain why she sometimes picks apart even neutral or fair stories about the former governor.” || Jon Friedman: Liberal media help make Palin more famous.

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  • Sandra Fish

    If you’d like even more info about Mansour, you could check this story from about a week ago:

  • Anonymous

    Second thought: restricting the search to news.Google — the media after all being the focus of Friedman’s column, not everything posted anywhere by anybody on the Internet — turns up even starker numbers at complete odds with his point:
    Sarah Palin Tucson = 10,436
    Barack Obama Tucson = 19,798
    Palin Tucson = 10, 874
    Obama Tucson = 23,617


  • Anonymous

    Jon Friedman’s Google count as a column hook illustrates how easy & misleading it is to use Google numbers. He found:
    Sarah Palin Tucson = 37 million hits
    Barack Obama Tucson = 17 million hits

    Yet, if you Google last names plus the city, the numbers are totally different:
    Obama Tucson = 47 million hits
    Palin Tucson = 29 million

    My point? None, really, except that what Google turns up depends on what you search.