Demand Media says its future isn’t tied totally to Google

WSJ Blog Journal
Demand CEO Richard Rosenblatt told analysts Tuesday that the company embraced Google’s efforts to take out “duplicate spammy content,” and Demand follows Google guidelines to the letter. “We consider ourselves very white hat.” Shira Ovide reports Rosenblatt also said Demand’s eHow articles – How to Name a Kids’ Soccer Team, for example – may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but people want and need this information. || Rocco Pendola: Demand Media reports $1M profit, but “I am not ready to buy shares just yet.”

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  • Robin Miller

    I’ve done a little video production for Demand, but the pay was so poor, and their production strictures forced me to turn out such a boring and inane product that I cut them off.

    And — this is amusing — I am not eligible to write for them. Three books, well over 1000 articles published at real professional rates, and I am not good enough to turn out useless howto pieces for Demand @ $25 apiece?

    Demand = a joke. Advertisers who sponsor them will eventually find that associating their brands with Demand’s low-quality content does them more harm than good, and when that happens, Demand’s party will be over.