Busbee: You didn’t see me cheering Daytona 500 winner

Jay Busbee reports there was a “mini-controversy” in the Daytona 500 media center after reporters applauded Trevor Bayne‘s big upset. “What really galled me,” he writes, “was the cheering after Bayne finished his press conference. …[If] I go whooping and cheering, it makes me look like a total amateur and cements the perception of bloggers as the text equivalent of sports talk callers. || Jeff Gluck: No cheering in the press box — ever. || Dustin Long: Call me Old School, but I don’t cheer. || Bryan Davis Keith: I applauded. (See his fifth point.)

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  • Anonymous

    Few care, Mr.Busbee. Few motor racing fans even know who you are, let alone care what you think. Fans don’t look to bloggers for their information, they go to the knowledgeable accredited reporters covering the races. This points out a big problem for most blogs. Those who do read them read them because they’re a fan of the blogger, not necessarily a fan of the subject matter.

  • Anonymous

    Moreover Jay, it was a breath of fresh air with NASCAR’s Helton, et al in the room. And you should rejoice, because now you may have some real news to write about, especially since you’re not going to tell readers what really makes those cars run so fast.