Deggans: ESPN, Poynter arrangement raises an uncomfortable question

National Sports Journalism Center
“Will ESPN transform itself ethically with Poynter’s guidance?” asks Eric Deggans, a media critic at Poynter’s St. Petersburg Times. “Or will the Worldwide Leader cloak itself in the school’s credibility while largely ignoring its advice?” || Earlier: Poynter faculty to serve as ESPN ombudsmen.

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  • Poynter

    Ken, We will be compensated, as we are in most arrangements with businesses. We won’t reveal how much, which is also our usual practice. What we really receive is an opportunity to engage a discussion on values with a large, public audience that might not normally consider these matters. We also benefit from working with ESPN, a large, multimedia organization willing to publicly discuss accountability. — Karen Dunlap, Poynter President

  • Ken

    Bigger ethical question: what does Poynter receive from this arrangement?