Grueskin: Those who say NYT paywall won’t work – or will – don’t know
“They’re making it up,” says former Wall Street Journal Online managing editor Bill Grueskin. “Some of these are the same people who moaned a few years ago about how was cutting itself off from the Internet. And so far, we haven’t seen any signs that WSJ’s current owner is less enamored of pay walls than its former one.”
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  • Anonymous

    What a bunch of skinflints! Your cable bill cost 10 times that, and so does your cellphone bill. That’s like, the cost of one lunch. Two cups of Starbucks coffee You spend three times that on drinks after work. I had no idea that so many journos were so damned cheap they’d be willing to commit fraud to avoid paying fifteen bucks a month for a subscription to the New York Times! Shafer, I’m not surprised.

  • demz taters

    According to a 2010 Pew survey, over the past decade reporting staffs shrank 27 percent while the amount spent on newsgathering dropped by $1.6 billion. That is the root of their problem right there. Why would anyone in the newspaper industry expect us to pay for news when the industry itself doesn’t even want to invest in it?