University of North Florida student editor defends oral sex photo

Florida Times-Union
The photo [PDF] ran with a story about the rise among people who contract the sexually transmitted disease HPV through oral sex. (The photo is on the paper’s Facebook page, too.) Spinnaker editor Josh Gore says most of the complaints have been from university employees and outsiders, not students. “I think this is a real important issue to touch on, and this is the way we decided to illustrate it.” [An earlier headline incorrectly identified the school as the University of South Florida.]

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  • Anonymous

    Gavin sounds like a gay name to me.

  • Gavin Bowerman

    When are the social conservatives in this country going to sober up and stop giggling like Beavis & Butthead every time someone mentions sex? Probably just as soon as the social conservatives in this country stop being the predominant partakers of prostitutes, I suspect. How can any sane individual take issue with the social propriety of raising awareness about a sexually transmitted disease that is a major causal factor for Cancer? Then again, I suppose these are the same people that condemn birth control & its ready availability, call abortion murder, and then wonder why we have so many unwed teen mothers living on the dole and and population growth overwhelming our schools and community resources.

    Grow up.