Jarvis solves the case of the missing Carr tweet

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New York Times media writer David Carr tweeted on the day his paper ran a piece by the four Times journalists who had been held in Libya for six days:

Maybe in part 2 of captured journo story, @ariannahuf uses a new model of journalism to aggregate them back to safety. j.mp/f15yVO

The tweet then vanished. An explanation is after the jump.

Jeff Jarvis‘ tweet from Monday night

@carr2n: Did you kill a 3/22 tweet @9:45p suggesting @ariannahuff “aggregate [journalists] back to safety”? Is that Times policy?
19 hours ago


@jeffjarvis yes, reader wrote and said it was a tasteless riff on grim situation. Re-read, agreed, yanked. dunno what “Times policy” is
14 hours ago


@carr2n Times & generally accepted online policy is not to erase history but to correct it.

8 hours ago


@jeffjarvis hard to correct poor taste.
4 hours ago


@carr2n Twitter needs a footnote function. Seriously.
4 hours ago

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=504633504 Dan Mitchell

    We don’t need to put twitter away — it’s become perhaps my top source of news headlines every day, or it’s tied with my RSS feeds, at least. We do, however, need to have fewer conversations on twitter, as the medium simply isn’t conducive to it. As a sharing service, it’s great – unparalleled, even. As a platform for original ideas (beyond occasional pithy remarks) or, especially, for discussion, it’s terrible.

    As for our hectoring new-media-theorist/hobbyist friends, well, we’ve known all we’ve needed to know about them for years now. Or we should have.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=628233825 Trevor Butterworth

    No it doesn’t. We need to step back from the yawning chasm of humorlessness and get a grip. David Carr’s comment is barbed, Swiftian and true – and he should be embarrassed at retracting it. Jeff Jarvis should be spending his time on something more productive than policing tweets from New York Times journalists. The reader offended by the “tasteless riff?” It’s America, there’s always going to be a reader offended about something!

  • http://stevegarfield.com Steve Garfield

    Twitter needs an edit function.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=628233825 Trevor Butterworth

    Maybe we should all put twitter away and go and get lives?