GWU: Why we didn’t mention opponent’s perfect game until the 7th graf

Romenesko Misc.
Will Roberts‘ perfect game was huge news at the University of Virginia (it’s a first for the school), but losing team George Washington University didn’t mention it until the seventh paragraph in its game story. Why not higher?

“This is the George Washington website,” GWU sports information director Dave Lubeski tells Romenesko. “We’re in the business to promote our athletes and our team. We’re not claiming to be journalists.” What some call “the buried lead” was discussed after the story was posted, says Lubeski, and it was mentioned that the perfect game could have been noted in the sub-hed. But “we’re not in the newspaper business,” notes the SID.

The Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg has fun with the write-up.

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  • Anonymous

    Lubeski evidently wasn’t listening when his Little League or other youth sports coaches gave the standard pre-game lectures on good sportsmanship and congratulating the winners if you lose. But Lubeski does a great job of making his employer look awful, the opposite of what he gets paid for as a flack.

  • Frank Sennett

    They may not be journalists, but they’re certainly poor sports. Any post-game interview with coaches or players after a game like that, they would go out of their way to graciously acknowledge that pitcher’s accomplishment.