Report: Gannett to give page view bonuses to writers

The Big Lead
Jason McIntyre reports USA Today outlined in a conference call its plan to pay annual bonuses to writers based on page views. “The goal, obviously, is to get writers thinking digital,” writes The Big Lead editor-in-chief. “But once writers start scrutinizing their page view tallies, and realize slideshows, rumors, and celebrities drive traffic, what will be the impact?” || McIntyre tells Romenesko:

My source was on the conference call, so it’s rock solid. You knew this change was coming.

Gannett Blog founder and former USA Today reporter Jim Hopkins says:

This tracks with something I was told earlier, about reporters getting trained on using Omniture so they can track traffic on their stories.

Gannett spokeswoman Robin Pence has been asked to comment.

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  • Kent Williams

    Oh Sweet! Gannett found a new way to suck!

  • Fred Hoffmann

    Unbelievable. I can’t wait to see what random lies will be generated for HITS on a website. Terrible for any credibility as far as a journalist…