Bloomberg News reporter has never landed an exclusive interview with Mayor Bloomberg

The New York Times
Henry Goldman is “Bloomberg’s man on Mr. Bloomberg,” covering the New York City mayor who’s also his boss. “I can’t think of a more uncomfortable position to be in,” said Joyce Purnick, author of a book on Michael Bloomberg. “I’m not suggesting any direct pressure to write a certain way or cover something or not cover something or ask something or not ask something. … But the pressure to just stand up straight and keep things objective — it’s just got to be very, very difficult.” The mayor once bestowed “an autographed rock, described as the ‘Rock and a Hard Place Award,’” on his employee.

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  • Anonymous

    you can NEVER win by interviewing and writing about the boss. i had to interview my (former) publisher periodically, and one time he wanted to go off the record. i wouldn’t do it. you think i didn’t lose points for trying to treat him like just another story? i don’t think so.