The top 5 news sites in the United States are…

Earlier this week, we posted comScore data that showed the UK’s Mail Online overtaking Huffington Post as the second most visited newspaper website in the world for March 2011. An astute reader wondered: If you merge comScore’s data on newspaper websites with its data on general news and information sites, which sites were most visited in the U.S. during March? The answer is after the jump.

Website Uniques per month (000)
Yahoo! News Network 86,635
CNN Network ( 80,202
MSNBC Digital Network ( 54,245
AOL News ( 47,221
The New York Times Brand 38,060
Huffington Post 31,076
Tribune Newspapers 28,843
USATODAY Sites 21,316
Advance Internet 18,264
CBS News 17,305
Mail Online 16,550
Wall Street Journal Online 15,541
BBC News 15,052
Hearst Newspapers 14,965
MediaNews Group 14,600
McClatchy Corporation 13,807 Sites 12,700

A few notes about the data:

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  • Ids Logic

    Nice info

  • Anonymous Director, Athanasios Paul Thompson wants “all the news that is TRUE to print”. Now here we go. But what is true? Hmmm, that is the challenge for Right and Left and everything in between and all those on the far outer edges. Often, factual data is distorted in order to validate an opinion about a person or event or cultural condition. That ego screen can develop in all journalism if we are not careful and self correcting. But who wants to loose an argument or give up a weaker position to a stronger one. I like the way Dennis Prager tries to work from a center, looking respectfull in either lateral direction. Check out his column and see if you get it.

    I believe we have to listen to friends and enemies. There is a need to test our instincts against the toughest opposition and work through an objective grid pattern before celebrating our position. A recent survey of internet news sources by comScore was analyzed and “mashed” with other relevent data and some interesting statistics came to light. There seems to be a shakeup in the number of people consulting liberal and conservative newspaper and news reporting media sources. Consider the way you read news and the sources you depend on. Use common sense and be self critical of your motives but do not give up your conservative leaning simply because of popular appeal and acceptance. Oh yes, pray for lots of wisdom and continue to exercise patience and keep on reading. “hey honey, would you mind a refill on the coffee and a fresh hookup for the laptop!”

  • Anonymous

    That is ridiculous. You can’t include or Time Warner’s entertainment properties and expect it to be a true ranking of “news” sites.