Glenn Beck’s The Blaze hires ex-Denver Post columnist Harsanyi
David Harsanyi, who wrote his final column as a Denver Post staffer in March, says that “the people at The Blaze I had met appealed to me in terms of how media is going and how nimble the site is. …They are not as wonky as the other political sites, which are preaching to the choir. This site has the potential to speak to a huge and wide audience, with the way they approach the web, the mix they have and the content they are putting on.” || Westword profile from 2004: Meet David Harsanyi, the new, officially designated conservative metro columnist for the Denver Post.

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  • Joe Strubachincoscow

    A site run by Glenn Beck won’t be “preaching to the choir?” I mean just look at the damn thing! It’s like reading the wingnut teabagging bible.