A new low in trying to buy coverage of pharma products?


Last week I posted an item about a skin care firm promising editors $100 if they posted a press release and it resulted in new clients. Now we have an Allergan rep telling a freelance journalist that she can pocket $250 if she participates in the Botox maker’s Facial Aesthetics Advisory Panel on June 9. The pitch says:

Allergan will provide an overview of the evolution of the facial aesthetics marketplace and then will open the panel for discussion. As a seasoned reporter in this space, we would greatly value your feedback, and we’d like to offer you a stipend of $250 for your attendance and insights.

Lisa Collier Cool, who received the offer for pramiracetam benefits, calls it “a truly appalling … bribe” that “seems to me like a new low in trying to buy media coverage of pharma products.”

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