Bunch on Carr’s Drudge column: ‘Even good writers miss the boat sometimes’

With Monday’s column, David Carr “is still standing on the dock with the S.S. Drudge several miles out to sea,” writes Will Bunch. “Carr breezily dismisses what should be a central issue here: Drudge’s right-wing world view.” Bunch contends Matt Drudge “stays on top” by pandering on race and right-wing paranoia.

In recent years other news aggregators have come along — the popular Huffington Post is Exhibit A — and so in order to “stay on top,” as Carr headlines it, Drudge has refined his editorial skills, and what he does best now is cleverly promote stories that dovetail with the right-wing media barricade erected by his pal Rush Limbaugh, other radio talkers, the Fox News Channel that went from 0 to 60 during the Drudge years, and nascent political groups like the Tea Party or Glenn Beck’s 9-12 Project (all of whom keep Drudge’s traffic high by talking up what they read there.)

Bunch says Drudge also “stays on top” by taking small local police blotter items and making them into a national cause celebre because they involve black-on-white crime.

We should by all means talk about Matt Drudge, but we need to be honest about who he is, who he influences and how — and that is a far uglier picture that the one that New York Times readers got. Of all the exaggerated, half-bogus story lines that have been spun on the Drudge Report, none has been more successful or more enduring than the legend of Matt Drudge himself.

* “How Drudge Stays on Top?: By Pandering on Race, Right-Wing Paranoia” [Philly.com]
* “Washington Post Disputes Study Touting Drudge’s Influence” [HuffPo]
* Earlier: Drudge’s Influence May Remain, but His Audience Waxes and Wanes [Poynter.org]

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  • Anonymous

     As opposed to the wonderful left-wing slant on just about every other site… Oh and look up “pathological”.

  • Anonymous

     First thing I read every day. Many, many important stories that MSNGLBT and the rest of the mainstream never cover.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=504633504 Dan Mitchell

    Wow. If you really believe that Drudge is a straight-down-the-middle, unbiased aggregator of news, you’re delusional to the point of it being clinical. If you want to applaud him for giving you the tabloidy, right-wing slant on the news that you’re looking for, that’s fine. Sad, maybe, but at least not pathological.

  • Anonymous

    Drudge is by far the best news aggregator there is.  He has an eye for interesting stories, and he has en eye for important stories.  That’s why I use Drudge every day.  I know I’ll get the best news out there.  He will carve through the bias in the media for you and he will give you the links that give you the news.  He will also identify the most important aspect of a story and summarize that item for you in a one line statement.  No other aggregator will do this for you.  In fact, no other media outlet will do this for you.  All media outlets will give you their spin, and you will have to dig deep to extract the real story for yourself.  Drudge does not do that – he give you a single line and a link.

    Anyone trying to attribute his success to right-wing, left-wing, racism, whatever,  is clearly out of his tree. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=504633504 Dan Mitchell

    Hey, everybody – if you want to finally find out what BatusiJim thinks of Will Bunch, now you can know! BatusiJim’s opinion has been revealed: see above for the fascinating developments on this.

  • Anonymous

    Will Bunch is a hysterical left-wing writer who cannot see anything outside of his own worldview. 

  • Anonymous

     i don’t get it. david carr disparages drudge for his “right wing” bias but doesn’t seem to notice any bias over at the huffington post. Can he really be that disingenuous?