‘The Fracking Song’ made an important energy issue both entertaining and accessible

The song is a good reminder that it’s important to give people options when it comes to consuming news, says ProPublica’s Eric Umansky. “Journalists have many more tools in our toolbox than we did even five or 10 years ago,” he tells Mallary Jean Tenore. “We can be more creative in terms of how we tell stories, and we should take advantage of that.” Jay Rosenhis student created the song — says his 9-year-old and 14-year-old were able to sing the chorus to “The Fracking Song” after hearing it just once, in part because it’s so catchy.

It is also had some humor in it, which mixes with the serious subject without being offensive, and I think it’s fun to watch. I also think there’s another message: it’s cool to be informed, and not just for wonks. Music helps with that.

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  • http://twitter.com/jayrosen_nyu Jay Rosen

    ProPublica, which fact checked the song and approved the lyrics, would (I think) disagree with you.  Of course I don’t speak for them.

    “But it’s not journalism.” Okay. 

  • Anonymous

    “should be banned.”

    Did not say it did. (Wow. Infer wrongly much?) The song gives succor to anti-fracking hysteria. Now there’s a topic to be examined.

  • Ken Zapinski

     In an effort to summarize and make accessible what have generally been fairly even handed Pro Publica coverage, it takes a point of view and crosses into advocacy (some might even call it propaganda.) If that’s how its intended, then it’s a fine piece of work. But it’s not journalism.

  • http://twitter.com/jayrosen_nyu Jay Rosen

    Nice culture warring. The song does not say fracking should be banned. It says we need the energy, but current regulations are inadequate.

  • Anonymous

    Drilling for natural gas here makes us less dependent on the Saudis. Are lefties ever satisfied?