Pew survey: 13% of online adults use Twitter

Pew Internet
That’s up from the 8 percent of online adults who identified themselves as Twitter users in November 2010. Pew Internet & American Life Project reports 95 percent of Twitter users own a mobile phone, and half of those users access the service on their handheld device. More from the latest report:

As in our previous research on Twitter use, African Americans and Latinos continue to have high rates of adoption of the service. Fully 25% of online African Americans use Twitter at least occasionally, with 11% doing so on a typical day.

Additionally, Twitter use by internet users ages 25-34 has doubled since late 2010 (from 9% to 19%) and usage by those ages 35-44 has also grown significantly (from 8% to 14%).

Frédéric Filloux writes in his May 29 “Monday Note” that Twitter traffic has been flat the last 18 months.

Time spent is eroding: 14 mn 6 sec per user in March 2010 vs. 12 mn 37 sec in March 2011. Contrast this to more than 6 hours spent on Facebook. Despite occasional news cycle-triggered traffic outbursts (the Spring unrest in Arab countries is a good example), such spikes don’t really translate into audience gains. As for the number of accounts, half are idle. And, as usual on the internet, the usage is extremely concentrated: 10% of all users account for 90% of the twits.

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  • AlexSchleber

    Pretty hard to believe that usage would have grown by 60% in about 6 months, after remaining rather flat for much of 2010. But who knows given varying methodologies. E.g. see here:

    What we do know is that Twitter has a massive account abandonment problem due to few mainstream users being able to figure out long-term compelling use cases for it. Twitter’s intransigence in adjusting their UI to make some of the potential uses more intuitive/compelling, and  wasting vast potential e.g. in various improved search/discovery functions are clearly to blame.

    No one on the other hand is confused about how they should be using Facebook…

  • Simon Gardner

    “90% of the twits”? OK. I’m assuming that was deliberate…