Jon Stewart ‘apologizes’ for remark about Fox News viewers

“The Daily Show”
On Tuesday’s “Daily Show,” Jon Stewart responded to PolitiFact’s “False” verdict on his claim that Fox News watchers are “the most consistently misinformed media viewers.” Here’s an excerpt:

I may have during the ["Fox News Sunday"] interview [with Chris Wallace] mentioned that Fox News viewers are, quote, the most consistently misinformed media viewers …As it turns out I was misinformed, which should not have been surprising because I watch a lot of Fox News. … PolitiFact, the nonpartisan fact-checking guy or guys or girl, thoroughly researched my statement and they found that while in two of the surveys Fox News viewers scored the lowest, in other polls they were merely near the bottom. …

Anyway, ultimately PolitiFact declared my statement false. I defer to their judgment and I apologize for my mistake. To not do so would be irresponsible, and if I were to continue to make such mistakes and misstatements and not correct them – especially if each and every one of those misstatements happened to go in one very particular direction on the political spectrum, well that would undermine the very integrity and credibility that I work so hard to pretend to care about.

Stewart then took a look at PolitiFact’s old rulings on Fox News statements; the network didn’t do very well. On Tuesday afternoon, PolitiFact wrote about reaction to its ruling on Stewart. “The response from readers was swift and virtually unanimous. They said we were wrong. …A tiny minority of people who wrote us offered praise for our work.”
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  • John Forrest Tomlinson

    The main difference with the Flat Earthers is that the more we learn, the more the facts support the theory.  In that interview, Wallace himself said that Fox is intended to be a counterweight to a liberal media. that exactly what the liberals say – that Fox is explicitly conservative. So how can we be Flat Earthers if the subject of our critique is saying the same thing we are.

  • Jonathan Matthias

    Liberal people who cling to this sort of propaganda aimed at FOX News (including Stewart and his writers) are sad people who remind me of Flat Earthers. Their whole world view is at stake here, and by golly, Politifact is gonna hear about it!

  • mtillman

    How disingenous: Stewart says he screwed up about Fox viewers being ingorant because FOX told him so???? LMAO!

    He’s a performer and a pretty fair satirist. But he plays to a young, ignorant, inexperienced audience who actually think
    he’s brilliant–largely because he’s not constricted by facts and/or journalistic rules.  He and his audience are sophomoric. May they live long enough–at least his audience (Stewart is already old enough to know better)–to discover life is more complicated than political one-liners. 

  • Anonymous and others weighed in, here

    concluding that Jon Stewart was right.  So he can take back his apology.