High school journalists kept Vargas’ secret for six weeks

Mountain View Patch
Jose Antonio Vargas met with the Mountain View High School newspaper staff on May 11, and told the 35 teen journalists, “I’m an undocumented immigrant.” He told them that only a few people knew, and asked that they keep it secret for a while.

For the next six weeks not a murmur, whisper, tweet or status update suggested the teenagers guarded privileged information for Vargas, 30, a former Oracle editor-in-chief and a 2000 graduate of MVHS.

Kevin Troxell, a 17-year-old entertainment editor at the Oracle, says he saw the shock on Vargas’ face after he told the teens that he was undocumented. “He seemed surprised to tell us. He kind of put his hand over his mouth as if to say ‘what did I just say?’ …Oracle is a tight knit group and we are all friends. He’s a friend and an Oracle, and that was the reason we wanted to keep his secret.”
> Vargas’s revelations may be a victory for immigration advocates, but not for journalism
> Los Altos High School student paper posts video of Vargas Q&A

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000216157262 Anna Celia Gallegos

    Why all the outrage about these teens not telling authorities. Yes, Vargas being an illegal immigrant is a crime, but the burden shouldn’t fall on a bunch of 16-year-olds.It’s good that they know the meaning of “off the record.”

  • Anonymous

    Hey, kids, why stop there? Why not create your own high school version of JournoList?

    It’s a handy tool for pseudo-journalists who like to bend, shape and stifle news according to their own political agenda. 

  • Anonymous

    Great training for young would be journalists.  Colluding to suppress the truth.  You guys can skip J school and go right to work at the Washington Post.

  • Anonymous

    Next leftist-bloated target to fall: academia.

  • Robert Courtney

    “He’s a friend and an Oracle, and that was the reason we wanted to keep his secret.””
    Yeah, well at that time, you became complicit in two crimes.
    Aiding and abetting a Felony, and becoming part of a Conspiracy to hide a crime.
    It’s not funny. It is a SERIOUS crime, and can result in hard time.
    I am calling and FAXing my Congressional reps, and calling the Justice Department and Obama to express my outrage at this CONSPIRACY to cover up a FELONY!
    It’s one thing to not deport school kids, it’s another to not prosecute a self admitted FELON!

  • Not Your Typical New Yorker

    You just FAILED your journalism test kid.

  • http://pop-pr.blogspot.com Jeremy Pepper

    So not one hungry journalist looking for a scoop in that bunch?