AAA World apologizes for reporting that Lincoln gave Philly speech in 1964
“I don’t think that Abraham Lincoln was saying much of anything on June 16, 1964,” an AAA World magazine website commenter points out after reading a July/August feature that mentions Lincoln’s “1964 speech” in Philadelphia. AAA’s Facebook page overseer writes: “Maybe it was Lincoln’s ghost who spoke in 1964! ” AAA World editors humorously address the typo:

Many of you noticed a slight error in our July/August feature, Ghost Fields, where we suggested that President Lincoln delivered a speech in Philadelphia on June 16, 1964. The actual date of the president’s speech was June 16, 1864. Of course, everybody knows that Abe was touring with the Beatles in 1964 (photographic evidence below). Needless to say, we’re truly embarrassed. We apologize.

Here’s the photographic evidence:

AAA published this doctored photo along with its apology.

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  • Jeff Cook

    Not the only embarrassing error in AAA World, I’m afraid – for example, a recent review of the Honda Accord sedan referred to Honda’s upscale marque as Infiniti (Nissan’s equivalent) rather than Acura. I would rather pay less for AAA membership and not receive the magazine.

  • Jonathan Tully

    The Walrus was Abe?

  • Kati Driscoll

    Hi Jim, thanks for the shout out! We weren’t sure how readers would react to the correction, but we decided to have a little fun with it. We’re still keeping our fingers crossed that some of our Members have unearthed photographic evidence of 60′s Abe.

    Kati Driscoll
    Social Media Analyst
    AAA Mid-Atlantic